02 Apr What a Pool Installer Can Teach You About Marketing

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A SWIMMING POOL installer in Virginia found himself in a bind after the crash in 2008: No one was buying pools, his company’s income stream dried up (sorry, couldn’t help myself), and he needed to cut expenses. So, he looked at the $250,000 a year he was spending on traditional marketing and turned to the Internet ... to begin answering questions.

Marcus Sheridan, who was featured in this 2013 story in the New York Times looked at his own Internet use and figured most people were like him. “Most of the time when I type in a search, I’m looking for an answer to a specific question,” he told the NYT. So he started out, writing a blog post about the No. 1 question most of pool customers have: How much does it cost?

Even though it’s impossible to say without seeing the site, knowing the size of the pool and all sorts of other factors, Sheridan said it didn’t really matter that he couldn’t give a definite answer. Because he’s set out to answer the question, within 24 hours, his article “was No. 1 for every fiberglass-pool, cost-related phrase you could possibly type in.”

To date, he said, he’s been able to track $1.7 million in sales to that one article.

His philosophy of content marketing has been so successful, in fact, that his pool company has recovered from the Great Recession, he lets his partners run it, and he’s created a new business of helping others develop content marketing. His website is http://www.thesaleslion.com, and as you’d expect from a business born out of content marketing, it’s got a lot of great content to help you get started. Check it out and start thinking what kind of blog posts could you write that would draw clients seeking answers to your website.

Some potential questions to ask:

• Looking at my computer all day is giving me headaches. Will glasses help?

• Somebody told me your eyes can get sunburned. Is that true?

• What is AR coating and how can it help me see better?

• What eyewear instantly makes anyone look cool?

Have your own? Let's hear 'em in the comments section below!

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