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To encourage hand-washers to adhere to World Health Organization guidelines for appropriately thorough cleaning, it was originally recommended that hand-washers sing the “Happy Birthday” song, which lasts 20-30 seconds. But meme-makers quickly offered other musical options — many, many other musical options, including the 90s classic from Smashmouth, “All Star”.

Prefer your hand-washing instructions to have a bit more literary value? Use this famous soliloquy from Lady MacBeth to accompany your hand-washing process.

This picture of a dirty hand under ultraviolet light paints an extremely vivid picture of why it’s best to scrub hands for 30 seconds.

Want guaranteed frustration? Attempt this sort of comprehensive hand-washing process at an automatic faucet.

Here’s an analogy that might give you an idea as to how thoroughly you should scrub your hands.

And another that, depending on your feelings for (and knowledge of) crawfish, might be more motivating.

And a Texas-themed version that’s probably the most motivating of all.

Ever noticed how much thinking you shouldn’t touch your face makes you want to touch your face? Yep, us too.

Of course, after all that hardcore hand-scrubbing and alcohol-applying, even the most rugged hands can get a little worn down.

Mugatu and Katinka know a hot trend when they see one. (Hand-washing may even be hotter than Hansel.)

One day, this will all be over. When it is, for the sake of your business, we hope you and your staff remember the healthy hand-washing habits you learned during these scary days.

11 Memes To Remind You (and Your Team) to Wash Your Hands Correctly During the Pandemic