Manager’s To-Do List: July/August 2014

Published in the July/August 2014 issue

Week 1 | JULY 14-18

SERVICE It’s hot out there. Welcome customers into your store with a cool washcloth and a glass of lemonade. 

ENVIRONMENT Inspired by the fantastic retail environments created by your fellow eyecare pros in this month’s “America’s Finest” feature (starting on page 34)? Use that energy to begin adding flair and personality to your walls, board and display cases.

Week 2 | JULY 21-25

MARKETING Back-to-school shopping is about to begin — and kids now have vision benefits guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act. For the next six weeks, hammer home the importance of annual vision check-ups to boost academic performance, as well as cool new eyewear for that extra bit of social confidence.

SALES Training session: Selling Rx sports-specific sunwear.

Week 3 | JULY 28-AUG 1

MARKETING Hire a pro (or ask a talented amateur) to take pictures of your store and team. These are valuable marketing tools you can use in a variety of situations: when meeting new vendors at trade shows, dealing with local press, or even submitting your store into next year’s “America’s Finest” contest. 

SALES One way to improve your sales skills and those of your team members? Sign up for Toastmasters International.

Week 4 |  AUG 4-8

MANAGEMENT Peter Drucker believed that in order to grow, a business must have a systematic policy to get rid of “the outgrown, the obsolete, the unproductive.” Start that process today: Make a list of projects, policies or products that you should consider killing, and solicit nominations from your staff. Commit to killing one part of your existing business by Sept. 1.

SALES Pledge this month to really listen to your staff verbally interact on the sales floor. Listen to the questions they ask customers, product-knowledge statements, and their “tests” to ease the closing of a sale. 

Week 5 | AUG 11-15

CUSTOMER SERVICE Do all of your employees have a personal store email address? If not, be sure they do. 

WEBSITE Improve your 404 error page. See this example from Mackey’s Opticians:

WEEK 6 | AUG 18-22

BUYING Begin research for shopping at Vision Expo West. Split the job of finding potential products between your team members. Assign one to check out industry magazines, another consumer magazines, another eyewear websites and blogs, and another to dig through your stack of vendor catalogs. (Yes, we realize your team might not be quite this big.) Your goal: a long list of exciting products you’ll be eager to see Sept. 18-20.

SALES Training session: De-jargonize your sales pitch for free-form lenses. And make sure your doctors understand the important role they play in these sales. 



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