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A Month for Role Models … and More November Events to Know




A Month for Role Models … and More November Events to Know

1 Losing all your heroes? Then why not become one yourself — to staff — during INSPIRATIONAL ROLE MODEL MONTH. Be generous with the business and life lessons you’ve learned and refocus your efforts from what is best for the bottom line to what is best for the employee. The result will be the same.

2-5 There’s a story that the spectacles Will Rogers wore in later years were given to him by friend Tommy Meighan, who saw him struggling to read a newspaper. “Here, Will, for the Lord’s sake, take my glasses,” Meighan reportedly said, and Rogers wore them happily ever after. “America’s Cowboy Philosopher” said a lot of wise things but when it came to his vision, he was evidently shortsighted. On WILL ROGERS DAY, post one of his quotes on Facebook, and urge your customers, “For Lord’s sake, if you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, come in today!”

14 Of the 415 million adults worldwide living with diabetes, more than one-third will develop some form of diabetic retinopathy. The rates are a little lower in the U.S., but that is no cause for relief — the condition is still the leading cause of blindness among working-age Americans. This WORLD DIABETES DAY, join the awareness campaign. Bathe your building in blue, offer screenings, request local authorities to declare Nov. 14 a “day of interest,” run a media campaign, organize an event in schools or simply encourage patients to post blue circle selfies on your socials. Education is key to beating this disease.

19 The Guinness Records people say their activities are about celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Some would argue it’s more a case of slightly weird people doing totally pointless things, but it matters not — people respond to such lists and numbers (just ask Guinness, they have sold more than 100 million copies of their record books). On GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS DAY, think of a number and promote yourself. Are you closing in on your 10,000th refraction? Your 5,000th pair of glasses dispensed? 1,000th Like? Run some numbers, select a pending milestone and then let your followers and the local paper in on the countdown with news of how you plan to celebrate.

25 Once the preserve of big box retailers, the last week of November now offers something for everyone: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mobile Wednesday (eBay’s contribution). But for optical retailers, it’s SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY that deserves the thickest red circle on your calendar. This year, get serious. Hold a class, a trunk show, or wine tasting that underscores the personal touch you bring to retail and the diversity you bring to your community.

More Events for November

Nov. 3 CLICHÉ DAY … Banned today: Running it up the flagpole, punching the puppy, and thinking blue sky. Be human. Your staff will respond better.

Nov. 5 The end of DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME … fall back into bed and enjoy those extra 60 minutes of sleep. 

Nov. 15 AMERICA RECYCLES DAY … recycle, reuse, review. What’s your in-office policy?

Nov. 17 NATIONAL UNFRIEND DAY … Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, today’s the day to take inventory of your friend list and eliminate those who aren’t true friends. 

Nov. 25 SHOPPING REMINDER … One month till Christmas. Let your customers know.



Elegant Eyes Turns 30!

A Month for Role Models … and More November Events to Know

Utenzi and Cabral Slaughter of Elegant Eyes.

Family-run Elegant Eyes has a rich history. James and Doris Slaughter of Slaughter’s Opticians launched the business around 1960. On Dec. 1, 1987, daughter Denise opened the flagship Elegant Eyes in Newark, NJ. Now she and her children Utenzi (l), Cabral (r) and Jameel remain highly active in the community. Elegant Eyes adopts families, donates eye exams and underwrites the costs of eyewear for the less fortunate.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Jody Foster Turns 55

A Month for Role Models … and More November Events to KnowNov. 19, 1962 Vogue ranked the large gaudy frames Jodie Foster wore in Taxi Driver as among the “11 Most Iconic Movie Sunglasses of All Time.” Such oversized designs are back in style after the better part of four decades. Unlike Foster herself, who has gone from strength to strength as an actor, and now director — an entire life lived in the glare of a mostly adoring public.


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