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The CRO Continuing Education Site is affiliated with the open access, peer-reviewed publication Clinical & Refractive Optometry Journal (CRO). From, you can directly link to the Clinical & Refractive Optometry Journal two ways. You can click the “Current Issue” button on the home page to view the entire journal. Each of the index cards for any course on this website links to the course content on the CRO journal.

You can browse through the online CE course catalog to see all the available courses or search by COPE Category, author, course title or keywords. You can also sort by credit hours and course price to find the courses you wish to complete. After reading the journal articles, simply take the online post-course test (and meet the passing grade required) to generate your COPE CE certificate.

There is no cost to register to this site. A basic subscription to CRO Online is complimentary. Once subscribed, you will receive email notification with each new tranche of COPE approved CE courses with each CRO issue.

Click the SUBSCRIBE button to sign up for a complimentary subscription. You will not be asked to enter credit card information until you enroll in a specific course, purchase pre-paid course credits or a course package,or sign up to a premium annual subscription.

To complete a test on the CRO CE site, you need to provide basic information about yourself, so that we can instantly grade the test and create an appropriate CE certificate. After successfully completing a test, you can immediately download your COPE certificate.