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Robert Bell

After 6 Years and More Than 50 Columns, Robert Bell Has One Last Thing to Say

But before he goes, let’s review some key points of The EyeCoach Selling System he’s been sharing these past several years.




IN OCTOBER 2013, I began writing this column for INVISION on selling techniques for eyecare professionals. It’s been an incredible six years but after writing over 50 columns, the time has come to end my monthly contribution so you may grow from a new perspective.

Mark Hinton will be following in my footsteps. I first met Mark in one of my EyeCoach workshops 10 years ago. Trust me, I am leaving you in very good hands!

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Before I say my goodbyes, I’d like to review some key points of The EyeCoach Selling System I’ve shared with you these past several years (my full archive is available at

  • Selling is not about persuasion as most of you have come to believe.
  • Selling is helping someone acquire what they need! Understanding the difference between the two will make your professional life much easier.
  • To help someone acquire what they need, you must get your customers to understand their needs.
  • To do this, you must ask a series of “Pain Questions.”
  • Four questions should always follow the pain questions:
    1. How often does that happen?
    2. Does that bother you?
    3. How much does that bother you?
    4. Would you like me to help you with that?
  • Never make a presentation unless you get a “Yes” to that last question!
  • When making a presentation, only talk about the features of the product/service that speaks to their “pain.”
  • Never tell a customer how the product/service will be beneficial. Instead, ask how it will be of be of benefit to them! This has the customer closing the sale, themselves.
  • Isolate and overcome almost every objection with just five words: “Other than the fact that [insert objection], are there any other reasons why you wouldn’t want to purchase these today?”
  • Never upsell! It doesn’t work.
  • Ask questions! Keep asking them!
  • What is your story? What is your brand? How does it inspire your customers? Know why you do what you do because it’s the reason they buy from you.
  • Be powerful. Don’t play small. It won’t serve you or your customers.
  • Volunteer your eyecare talents to local charities within your community. You won’t believe how it changes lives, sharpens your skills (even your sales skills) and most certainly changes you!

Now for my goodbyes; I’d like to thank the amazing folks at INVISION: David Squires, Matthijs Braakman, Julie Fanselow and a very special and heartfelt thank you to Deirdre Carroll. I’m also very grateful to my dear friend, Lisa Trippi, who inspired several of my best pieces. Most importantly, I thank all of you who have read my columns and written me all those lovely emails. I hope you’ve found me helpful in making you the ECP you’ve always wanted to be.

So … fare thee well, adios, adieu
oh, and best of luck to all of you!
I ain’t no saint and I don’t pretend to be,
but I hope you all found a friend in me.”

With true love, humble respect and a gracious bow … Robert️


EDITOR’S NOTE: Six years ago, Robert Bell took a chance on an upstart magazine. When doubters said another trade publication could never succeed, he saw our vision and embraced it. Robert, you have our sincerest thanks and appreciation. Though you may no longer be appearing in our pages each month, you will always be a part of the INVISION family.

Robert Bell is the founder of EyeCoach, a Sales & Marketing Practice. He is one of the most inspirational, innovative and effective speakers/trainers in the eyecare industry. His workshop “Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Only Selling” is highly coveted. Email him at [email protected]


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