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Aim For Busy, Not Rushed and More Tips for October

And this bonus season, let them eat cake!




Aim For Busy, Not Rushed and More Tips for October

time managementAim for Busy, Not Rushed

How should you feel when working? Busy, but not rushed. Research undertaken by the University of Maryland found this is when people are happiest. And when you’re happiest — meaning engaged and in the flow, as opposed to giddy with joy — you invariably do your best work. So, start creating realistic schedules, stop checking your email every 15 minutes, take breaks to exercise, and stop letting other people set your deadlines (yes, you could finish the job by tomorrow, but Friday is best for everyone).


There’s much to be wary of when it comes to business advice out of Silicon Valley. But the tech mecca’s obsession with measuring data can be useful in a surprising number of areas, such as getting home for dinner in time to eat with your family. “It’s great to know how to recharge your batteries, but it’s even more important that you actually do it,” venture capitalist Vinod Khosla told Fast Company. “I track how many times I get home in time to have dinner with my family. Your company measures its priorities. People also need to place metrics around their priorities.”

MANAGEMENTBonuses? Let Them Eat Cake

Bonus season is on the way. If that includes your business, something to think about: When unequal rewards are given out there will be less dissatisfaction if they aren’t actually countable, says Kellogg management professor Neal Roese. Research showed people who received less cake than their counterparts weren’t as dissatisfied as those receiving less cash, focusing more on what they received than what they didn’t, he writes in Kellogg Insight.

MARKETINGBirthday Cheers

Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, won’t be sending you a Christmas card this year. He concentrates his energies on birthdays. Why? Hundreds of businesses send Christmas cards to their clients. Few send birthday cards. And, says Ferrazzi, “Everybody cares about his or her birthday!” If you’ve got a limited marketing budget, consider skipping Christmas this year. Instead, try hand-writing birthday cards to your favorite customers … and including a cash-off coupon. Or call them. Or leave them a voicemail. Your customers will be gratified you remembered the day of the year that’s truly theirs.


Do one thing every day that you loved as a kid. “This is usually the fuel that can power your life,” writes entrepreneur and business author James Altucher on his blog.

ADVERTISINGCall Other Advertisers

If you’re an infrequent advertiser and are now planning your holiday ad buy,’s Mary Gillen suggests doing a little research first. If you’re considering a regional or local newspaper, look at the other ads in the section where you may be placing your ads. Call the companies who are already advertising there to find out how their ads are performing.


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