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All in the Details
All in the Details

Two Blind Brothers and L’Amy America Make Progress While Giving Back

Women’s Collection

Material: Acetate
Front: 50-16 to 53-15
Temple length: 135

Men’s Collection

Material: Acetate and memory metal
Front: 50-20 to 54-17
Temple length: 140

From the style names to the temple tips to the packaging, every aspect of a 2BB: frame purchase sends the customer one message: Two Blind Brothers and L’Amy America are companies that care. And the 2BB: collection embraces and celebrates the important work of optometrists.


The 2BB: women’s and men’s collections each include eight optical styles. Every style is named with care, in honor of someone meaningful in the world of optometric history. And like every Two Blind Brothers product, each style includes braille elements representing the word brothers. Here’s a look at a few 2BB: models.

All in the Details
Carol: Women’s 2BB: frames have integrated spring hinges. Dr. Carol Rymer was the first female optometrist to become a colonel in the U.S. Army.

All in the Details
Karl: Temple integrations on men’s 2BB: models include silicone, acetate, and memory metal. Ophthalmologist
Dr. Karl Koller was the American Ophthalmological Society’s first recipient of the Lucien Howe Medal, in 1922.

All in the Details
Mae: The two vertical dots in braille, meaning the letter “B” and the number “2,” represent the brothers on the temple tip of every style. Dr. Mae Booth-Jones became the first female president of an optometry school, in 1920.

All in the Details
Gwen: All 2BB: styles feature fashion-forward styles and patterns. Dr. Gwen Sterns spent four decades as medical director at Rochester’s Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

All in the Details
Dale: Tactile elements on every model. Known as Dale, Thomas “Dale” Alford, Sr. was an ophthalmologist who represented Arkansas in the United States House of Representatives, from 1959 to 1963.


L’Amy has committed to give 10% of 2BB: frame sales to Two Blind Brothers, all of which will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness and other clinical research organizations working to improve the lives of those with blinding retinal conditions.

All in the Details


The packaging for all 2BB: frames is created to encompass the brand ethos of “feel the difference.” One side has a leather feel, while the other side offers a smoother tactile experience. The packaging features a debossed logo and high-contrast colors. L’Amy America has also partnered with Bosma Enterprises, an Indiana-based company that employs and trains individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The Bosma team provides the final packing for 2BB: sunglasses before shipment to customers.

Kathryn Chambers, senior brand and marketing manager, L’AMY America, said, “After speaking with the team at Bosma, I immediately knew they shared the same passion and purpose L’Amy did and wanted
to find a way to work together.”

All in the Details


The 2BB: eyewear collection is inspired by Two Blind Brothers, a clothing and accessories brand created by brothers Brad and Bryan Manning, both of whom have lived for decades with Stargardt disease. While this rare, genetic eye disease doesn’t currently have a cure, organizations like the Foundation Fighting Blindness are dedicated to the global development of treatments and cures for diseases that cause blindness.

All in the Details
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