WEBSITE: theyegallery.com | OWNERS: Dr. Arnold Bulos | OPENED : 2012 | AREA: 2,200 square feet | EMPLOYEES: 4 | TOP BRANDS: Helium Paris, Dolabany, Coach | FACEBOOK: facebook.com/theyegallery2020

From its embrace of technology to its store design, the Eye Gallery exudes a thoughtful, modern appeal. It aims to wow its patrons and it succeeds, whether through offering a comprehensive, computer-aided eye exam or using an iPad to assist frame selection. Yet the business has old-school charm, too, including an acid-washed floor that looks like marble and little cubbies that hold patients’ eyewear. And it’s not dead-set against brands. “We have introduced a few big-box frames,” says owner Dr. Arnold Bulos. “This gets the brand-name lookers in the door to see other brands that we offer.” — Julie Fanselow

5 cool things

1 To meet a tight budget, the Eye Gallery recycled fixtures from a Borders that went out of business. The rolling library ladder used to reach all the eyewear cubbies came from there, too.

2 Yelp reviews help. “Patients see our good reviews beside the not-so-good reviews” for the competition, Bulos says. “So they schedule an appointment with us.”

“During my exam I often take photos with my camera phone through the slit lamp ocular and easily transfer them to my iPad,” Bulos says. “Technology is wonderful. Patients want to see for themselves. It’s a great tool for education and compliance.” 

Dr. Bulos got his start as a military optometrist at Fort Hood, TX. 

5 The Eye Gallery is nearly paperless. Patients can either securely fill out forms online or complete them on an iPad in the office.

Our Judges Say

I like the big frosted eyeglass logo on their front window. It can be seen by walk-by traffic as well as drive-by traffic. In other words, they are hard to miss! — Robert Bell

On the website, instead of “Usual and Customary Fees,” how about “Look at All You Can Get for $95!” — Rebecca Johnson


1st Place Eyes on Fremont / 2nd Place Silver Lining Opticians / 3rd Place Modern Eye

Fine-alists Eye Gallery / Eye Impact / Georgetown Optician / Look + See Eye Care / Modern Eyes / Providence Optical / Sight Optical

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