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An Optical Illusion for the Optically Inclined: Find the Hidden Pair of Glasses

Test your eyesight and your brain power with this doozy of a challenge. Don’t worry. Most of you will fail.




Ever stare at a Magic Eye poster and fail to see the “sailboat?”

The frustration of being the only one who can’t spot the hidden image is real, folks!

The popularity of Magic Eye posters seems to have taken a nosedive sometime in the late ‘90s. (Much like other Gen X staples such as real alternative music and a reverence to all things Kevin Smith.)

However, we humans all still enjoy a good optical illusion. So we found one for you. It isn’t a Magic Eye. It is probably harder. Fittingly, this optical illusion has an optical theme for our optically inclined readers.

The challenge is to find the pair of glasses resting on a colorful bedsheet. The catch? You’ve only got 11 seconds.

That’s right.


In the time it takes you to tie your shoe, you’ve gotta spot these strategically placed specs.

Apparently, only 10% of you will be able to do so in the allotted time. (Don’t ask us to back that stat up with data. But we did read it on the internet. So…)

Oh, and if your boss catches you doing this, just say you are doing a brain exercise that will help _______ (fill in the blank.) We found a rando blog that says so!

Anyway, here is the picture. And remember, you only have 11 seconds.

An Optical Illusion for the Optically Inclined: Find the Hidden Pair of Glasses

How did it go?


Did you find it?

Or are you like the dude from the movie Mallrats who struggled mightily?

Before revealing the position of the glasses, we’ll offer a clue to the 90%. The specs are in the upper half of the photo. Now try again.

Any luck?

Before we reveal the location, here’s a clip from Mallrats:


Classic stuff.

Here It Is


Here’s the big reveal:

An Optical Illusion for the Optically Inclined: Find the Hidden Pair of Glasses

If you spotted those glasses on your first go, kudos! Impressive stuff. The rest of us clearly need to exercise our brains more often.

And if you still can’t spot the glasses, even with the helpful blue arrow pointing the way, might we suggest a new pair of glasses? We happen to know an optician or two who could hook you up.

Final Thought

Apparently that sailboat in Mallrats wasn’t a sailboat. (It wasn’t a schooner, either.) It was something entirely different.

Spoiler alert: A sailboat woulda been cooler.



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