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Douglas L. Beck Au.D., Jed Grisel, MD, and Solomon Gould, OD

DR. DOUGLAS L. BECK, has held positions at Saint Louis University, AudiologyOnline. com, the American Academy of Audiology, the Hearing Review, the State University of NY at Buffalo, Oticon, and Cognivue Inc. He retired in June and currently consults, lectures, teaches, volunteers and writes for multiple professional organizations globally. DR. SOLOMON GOULD is a professional speaker, practice management consultant, author and former owner of multiple private optometry practices. He has helped over 40 practices and large-scale organizations realize their fullest potential. When not consulting or speaking, he writes for various business and clinical platforms. DR. JED GRISEL is an otolaryngologist practicing with Texoma ENT & Allergy. He is a founding member of one of the largest ENT groups in the U.S. and President and Chief Medical Officer of Amplify Hearing USA, which places audiology services in the optometry space.