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Become a Sunwear Broken Record and More To Dos to Keep Your July Productive

Including a fun staff spiff idea and teaching your kids first hand why what you do is so valuable.




Become a Sunwear Broken Record and More To Dos to Keep Your July Productive

Jun. 30-Jul. 6

SALES With the mercury rapidly climbing, everyone’s mind is turning to taking a break. Make this month’s spiff a sales contest for an extra paid day off.

Jul. 7-13

OPERATIONS Are there some summer days when you show up and just pretend to work? This month, experiment with an abbreviated week. Knowing you have less time to get things done may just prompt a burst of productivity — and give you the chance to better enjoy the warm months. More happiness all round.

FAMILY If your kids are like most American teens, they likely spend a good portion of the summer break polishing their Instagram profile. Get them into the business to do some real-life polishing — of some lenses and frames. Starting this week, get them in once a month so they can see how things are made and marketed, and why it’s so important that you do a good job.


Jul. 14-20

OUTREACH Draw up a schedule to visit the local nursing homes and assisted living facilities in your community. Prepare extra business cards so that your prospective clients can share them among their friends at the next seniors card game.

PLANNING Don’t let any more great ideas get away. Set up a “spark” file (on your phone, computer, or a little notepad) for all the terrific ideas you come across in your reading, in the dentist’s waiting room, or in the shower.

Jul. 21-27

SALES FLOOR Pick two or three things you want every customer to experience in your business and talk to staff about how to expose clients to these areas.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT Seek out novelty: Your brain loves new experiences and sensations, which help it continue to build neural connections for work and life.


Jul. 28-Aug. 3

DISPLAY Have you scrutinized your store windows lately? Don’t let your look get stale. This week, make plans for more frequent changes … and sketch out some ideas you can implement during the busy fall months.

OPERATIONS Summer drags on but continue drumming into staff the need to keep discussing the benefits of prescription sunwear with patients.


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