Nikki Griffin of EyeStyles Optical and Boutique in Oakdale, MN loves the Brain Squad t-shirt she earned as a member of INVISION's survey group. Says Nikki: "Thanks for the cute shirt, we love you guys!"


Share Your Opinions
With the Brain Squad

The Brain Squad is INVISION’s monthly survey panel, made up of owners and top managers of eyecare businesses across the country who have volunteered to participate. Each month, members are emailed a short survey consisting of multiple-choice and short, open-ended questions. Responses are used in departments and feature stories throughout INVISION.




If you thoughtfully answer every question, a survey can take five to 10 minutes to fill out. If you answer only multiple-choice questions, you could be finished in 60 seconds or less.

Questions cover month-to-month business and product trends, plus big-picture strategy and policy issues. In a single survey, you might be asked for your fastest-selling eyewear and sunwear brands, methods you use to motivate and energize your team, and your wildest dinner-table stories about your business.

See a sample of a recent Brain Squad survey here.

Individual responses remain anonymous on multiple-choice questions. Text-based questions are frequently published along with your identifying information in INVISION. While you are allowed to request that your response to an individual question remain anonymous, the best strategy is — if you don't want it published in print or online, don't share it.

  • Valuable data no one else has. Each time you complete a Brain Squad survey, you can see all responses from your fellow panelists (without identifying information included). You'll get tons of useful ideas, many of which INVISION doesn't have space to publish.
  • The thrill of seeing your name in print. And, if we include you in one of our feature departments, also your face, your staff and your business. Not to mention, as a Brain Squad member, you'll be heard loud and clear by INVISION editors on the issues that matter most to you.
  • A better INVISION. Each edition of our magazine relies heavily on Brain Squad content. Which means each new person who contributes makes INVISION a better, more useful resource for all eyecare professionals.
  • Plus, a really cool t-shirt. Once you answer your first Brain Squad survey, we'll send you a free "Eye Geek" t-shirt. Wear it proudly as a sporty symbol of your eyecare nerd-hood.

Check out Brain Squad members sporting their very own "Eye Geek" t-shirts.



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