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Payment Plans in 30 seconds.*

  • month 0% interest for all qualified patients.
  • Increase your capture rate with 9 out of 10 patients approved.
  • No hard credit check to apply.

We eliminate waste from our marketing which enables us to approve more patients at better rates than medical credit cards. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what Randall De Niro (the lesser-known De Niro) has to say about Sunbit.

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Whitepaper: Patients Want More, But Money Gets in the Way
78% of patients would purchase more eyewear or upgrades if money wasn’t an issue. Find out how optometry practices and optical stores are overcoming cost as a concern.

Lifetime Vision and Eye Care Sees 178% Increase in Financing Revenue with Sunbit
With Sunbit’s high approval ratings, this successful private practice encouraged patients to take advantage of buy now, pay-over-time, resulting in an increase in incremental revenue compared with traditional medical credit cards.

Patients at Dr. Tavel Optical Group Spend 123% More with Sunbit
Offering the option to buy now, pay-over-time through Sunbit technology has enabled Dr. Tavel Optical Group to increase their average order value and serve more patients, leading to increased store revenue.

* Subject to approval. 0-29.99% APR. Down payment required. 3-month 0% APR plan for all qualified consumers. 6- and 12-month plans subject to interest. Example: A $300 purchase with 0% APR, repayable over 3 months, would have a down payment of approximately $42 and monthly installments of $86. A $300 purchase with a 29% APR, repayable over 12 months, would have a down payment of approximately $40 and monthly installments of $25. Actual approval amount, APR, and down payment vary and are based on creditworthiness and state of residence. Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. Financing offered is made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

About Sunbit:
Sunbit technology is used to reduce the stress from daily purchases by helping shoppers realize the full potential of their buying power while providing merchants with tools to sell easier.