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Danielle Richardson

Business Travel is No Reason to Let Your Wellness Suffer

Here are 4 pro tips to keep you on track even when you’re away.




IT’S THAT TIME of year when the optical industry flocks to New York City for four days of learning and fun at Vision Expo East. Each conference is an opportunity to grow as a professional and connect with like-minded peers … so we sleep less and spend more time networking or socializing over dinner and drinks.

Unfortunately, we often make this trade-off at the expense of our health and wellness. It’s not uncommon to find attendees feeling groggy, tired, and generally unwell by the final day. But it is possible to both have fun and feel your best, even while traveling for work. Here are some pro-tips to set yourself up for success during Vision Expo, or any conference you attend:

Plan Your Meals

Food is fuel. If you don’t want to run on fumes all VEE, planning healthy meals is big. The Javits Center has a few healthy choices (last year there was even a vegan option!) but you may prefer to eat offsite. Don’t scramble when you’re famished, scout nearby eateries beforehand or consider ordering via Seamless to save time and effort. When all else fails, places like CVS and Starbucks have several healthy snack options like almonds, egg bites, and low sugar health bars that can help bridge the gap between meals.

Keep It Moving

Stress is a given when juggling a busy conference schedule. We hardly have a moment to rest between CE classes, exploring the show floor, and nightly networking events. Instead of napping during your downtime, consider squeezing in 20 minutes of movement. A busy schedule can put stress on our adrenal glands causing an increase in cortisol and adrenaline; 20 minutes of mild to moderate aerobic exercise can help to reduce the excess amounts of these hormones in the body and improve mood.


Take a lap around the show floor or wake up a bit earlier for a light workout at your hotel. If you’re looking for group fitness classes, the ClassPass app can aid in finding one that fits within your conference schedule.

Cut What You Can

There are plenty of complimentary drinks and dinners but the key is balance. Evaluate your schedule and identify receptions or events where you plan to indulge. From there, reverse engineer your day and opt out of extra drinks and desserts at your other events. Decreasing your volume of sweets, cocktails, and heavy snacks will help keep your energy high and leave room for the treats you really want. By consciously choosing when and when not to indulge, you’re able to keep yourself accountable without feeling restricted.

Bring Your Boost

Everyone has their unique special sauce to support optimal health— vitamins, supplements, or even your grandmother’s homemade tonic! When traveling, continuing your normal regimen is the best preventative care you can take. If you’re a person who loves a morning smoothie or protein shake, check your local health food store for a travel sized version to bring along. Additionally, unpredictable schedules, increased exposure to germs, and often a weakened immune system all mean you’re more likely to get sick when traveling. Don’t forget to pack your Vitamin C, your favorite tea, or any other necessity to keep yourself comfortable and healthy while on the go.


Dr. Danielle Richardson practices in Houston with Texas State Optical and runs a holistic wellness company, Fierce Clarity. She is a registered yoga teacher and hosts wellness retreats, yoga classes, and pop-up events for busy, professional women to help manage stress and avoid burnout. Follow her on Instagram at @fierceclarity



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