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Calendar: May 2015




Calendar: May 2015



“America’s small businesses reflect the best of who we are as a nation — daring and innovative, courageous and hopeful, always working hard and looking ahead for that next great idea. They are our economy’s engine and our biggest source of new jobs.” That’s how President Barack Obama opened SMALL Business Week in 2013, and his words are worth repeating. So treat yourself to a massage this week: you’re carrying a lot on those shoulders.



May marks Healthy Vision Month and UV Safety Month. Remind clients of the importance of good habits and regular eye checkups to maintain healthy vision, as well as the importance of protecting their eyes against UV rays. For a visceral impact, ask customers: “Did you know your eyes can get sunburned too?” Then, while your clients blink rapidly and fight back nausea, explain the importance of using high-quality (read: not cheap) sunglasses year-round.




Today and tomorrow are Great Glasses Play Day, a national event aimed at celebrating (and increasing the confidence of) young children who wear glasses. Read more here from an OD who champions the cause — then sign up at



What’s the toughest job in the world? The correct answer is being a mom — though many children of all ages would argue it’s selecting a good Mother’s Day gift. This year, insert a new idea into their heads by promoting a pair of high-quality, great-looking readers or a coupon for high-end frames with HD lenses. Slogan: “This year, give your mother the most beautiful vision she’s ever seen!”



A toast has been proposed in your honor. You say “thank you” and take a sip of your drink. Was that the correct thing to do?* Don’t know? Then brush up on your manners during National Etiquette Week, which starts today.


* The correct answer is “no.” If you had sipped, you would have been toasting yourself.)



Today is Receptionists Day. Thank this all-important staff person with a gift card to a favorite local business — and maybe with a new job title. Some we like: chief experience officer, eyecare concierge, or director of first impressions.



Memorial Day is here, and along with it the unofficial start to summer. Leave the discounting to stores selling TVs, but freshen up your displays to reflect the seasonal change: sunwear and sunwear leashes, sports-specific eyewear (see pages 20 and 26 for some of the latest), safety goggles for those weekend yard laborers, and frames in your brightest colors.




If your customers include “30-something singles with vague identities, no roots and conscious indifference to morals,” then they’d probably enjoy a Seinfeld Night to mark the 25th anniversary of the first season of the groundbreaking TV show. Just tell them it’s basically an event about nothing — drink a few beers, peruse the boards and wonder how George would have looked in hipster glasses. (Probably not as good as Tina Fey.)

B U S I N E S S    A N N I V E R S A R I E S

Eyecare business anniversary Dr. Bruce DeBeer

Happy 35th Anniversary to Dr. Bruce DeBeer


Dr. Bruce DeBeer opened his practice on May 5, 1980, after graduating first in his class from the University of Houston College of Optometry and teaching there for two years. He and his staff will mark the practice’s 35th anniversary next month by having an open house. DeBeer says he strives to provide quality products and service, but he attributes his practice’s longevity to his paying attention to business details, including a close analysis of insurance plans.t

Does your business have an upcoming milestone? Email us at

M O R E    E V E N T S

May 1 is No Pants Day. Go ahead. Be wild and try this.

May 4 is Petite and Proud Day. Do you have frame lines for people with smaller heads?

May 12 is International Nurses Day. Send best wishes to any nurses you know today.

May 15 is Bike to Work Day. And something you should try at least once.

May 17 is World Hypertension Day. Explain the importance of blood-pressure checks, and the impact hypertension can have on sight.

May 26 is Blueberry Cheesecake Day. Treat your staff. Because nothing beats a good blueberry cheesecake.

May 30 is Neighbor Day. A good time to connect with your home and business neighbors.

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 edition of INVISION.



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