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INVISION: A COVID-19 Action Webinar: Turning Lemons into Lemonade — Beyond COVID-19

WEBINAR: What you do now will determine how successful your practice will be a year from now.




THIS INVISION/Cleinman COVID-19 webinar will be a dialogue about what’s next. The economic hardships caused by COVID-19 are real. Practices are currently shuttered, employees currently on furlough and revenue has come to a screeching halt. But this, too, shall pass. For most, your practice will re-open and your patients will return. But the actions you take now will determine whether your practice will be more successful in a year or if you’ll struggle. History has proven that businesses that invest into downturns come out far stronger than those that retreat. While cutting your current costs are crucial, so too, is looking to the future.

In this COVID-19 Action Webinar, we’ll explore how to think strategically and come out ahead. We’ll explore the lessons learned from this COVID-19 experience and how to turn those lessons into prosperity for you and your practice. We’ll focus our discussions on:

  • How to focus on strategy vs. getting lost in the tactical world
  • How to find opportunity and exploit it to the benefit of you and your patients
  • What you can do today that will make a HUGE difference tomorrow

Alan Cleinman, Founder and CEO, Cleinman Performance Partners: As one of the eyecare industry’s leading prognosticators, Alan Cleinman focuses his personal consulting work on strategic planning and M & A. He is the author of hundreds of articles as well as the acclaimed book, A Different Perspective: An Entrepreneurs Observations on Optometry, Business and Life.

Rich Heiland, Facilitator, Cleinman Performance Network: A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and publisher, Heiland now works with companies on strategic and implications planning. He is a retired group facilitator for Cleinman Performance Network and writes extensively on issues of the day.





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