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COVID-19 Opportunities, Children’s Vision and More Tips for September

Now is not the time to pull your punches or not deliver on your promises.




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CHILDREN’S VISIONGrab Opportunities

Like all crises, COVID-19 presents an opportunity, specifically for sales to children. “This year we have more students doing ‘hybrid education’ — meaning some time in class and some time on the computer at home. (It’s a) good opportunity for us to address computer vision for kids,” notes Dr. Amber Fritsch of Precision Eye Care in Mt. Juliet, TN. That’s relevant right now as those first few weeks in class bring potential vision issues to the fore.

SANITATIONDeliver On Safety

Shoppers are taking time to research where to shop. When dealing with nervous customers, safety messages are important. “If you tell me for example that you are going to do everything in your power to keep me safe, I choose you for those reasons,” explains small business consultant Kate Peterson of Performance Concepts. “If you tell me that masks are optional and I feel good about that, I choose you for that reason.”

SALESDon’t Be Shy

These are uncertain times but that doesn’t mean people won’t spend on glasses. In fact, such has been the impact of COVID-19 on economic activity many people have extra cash. “With stimulus money and people saving on gas, eating out… don’t be afraid to recommend all the best stuff,” says Miguel A. Rodriguez of Fava & Maria Eye Associates in Lebanon, PA.

SALESGet That Stimulus

Under the second stimulus package, trillions of dollars could be flowing into the economy. Dr. Scott Keating, owner of Vision Trends in Dover, OH, is taking steps to ensure some of it ends up in his till. “We usually have a fall eyewear sale in October but we are going to tag it to the next stimulus package when we know when it will arrive!”


In a normal year, Frances Ann Layton of Eye Associates of South Georgia, Valdosta, GA, would have used the Labor Day break to head to Dragon Con, the popular sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention in Atlanta — although not to get dressed up. “(It’s) for the business; it’s all about making sure our younger patients have awesome glasses in the new school year,” she explains.


Business writer Greg McKeown says questions like, “How can I fit everything I want to do into my schedule?” are dishonest: They’re based on the falsehood that trade-offs are avoidable. The honest question, he says, is: what do I really want? That’s liberating: Knowing you can’t get everything done spares you the anxiety of trying to figure out how you could.



Next time you’re waiting in line, embrace it instead of looking at your phone. “Unstructured moments can lead to inspiration, creativity, reflection,” notes Arianna Huffington in a column for the New York Times.


To tap the growing interest in localism and supporting main street retailers affected by COVID-19, researcher Alexis DeSalva Kahler urges you to use real customers and testimonials in advertising. “Customer feedback and reviews signal quality and trust more than ever, and can serve as a stamp of approval,” she says.

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