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CPP Announces 2 Conferences in July

It will teach optometrists how to reduce costs and risks of moving, remodeling, buying or selling their practice.




(PRESS RELEASE) ONEONTA, NY – Cleinman Performance Partners, an optometric business development consulting organization, has announced two conferences in July to help optometrists reduce the costs and risks of moving, remodeling, buying or selling their practice.

The first is the National Eyecare Facilities Conference being held on Thursday, July 18, in Anaheim, CA. It is designed to help answer the many questions arising from private practitioners who are embarking on a remodel or a ground-up facility build. Speakers will cover a range of topics such as site selection, project planning, financing, marketing and contractor relations, as well as interior/exterior design. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A with a panel of experts to close out the conference.

The second is the National Practice Transitions Conference being held on Friday, July 19, in Anaheim, CA. It will take participants from start to finish on how to transition ownership of their practice. Topics covered will include gaining control over your business, preparing for retirement, tax planning, risk management, team and patient communications and exit by merger. Participants will enjoy presentations by several leading experts regarding the practice transitions process.

“We know there are many obstacles and hurdles a private practice owner must face from building or remodeling to buying or selling their practices. These are very important decisions that all private optometry practices are challenged with. We have the history and knowledge to provide the professional help and guidance they need,” said CPP founder and President Alan Cleinman. “We are committed to bringing valuable content, connections and next steps to help practice owners with these types of complex undertakings.”

For more information regarding these conferences, visit or call Mandie Wells at (607) 267-2901.





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