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Do You Or Don’t You: Provide a PD Measurement Without an Eyewear Purchase?





Do You Or Don’t You: Provide a PD Measurement Without an Eyewear Purchase?


Why fight it? It only makes matters worse. Dr. Tommy Lim, Berryessa Optometry, San Jose, CA

For a fee: $25 for PD or $50 for PD and RX check and adjustments. People are going to buy online. I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, but they are going to do what they want. For them to be able to come into my store to ask for a PD I have rent, utilities to pay, not to mention my years of experience. It all costs money. is welcome to take free PDs for their customers. Wait, they’re a website. Never mind. Teri Focht, Eyes All Over, St. Paul, MN

The PD is actually part of the patient’s health record and, by law (in California), patients are entitled to any portion of their health record. If they don’t get it from us, they’ll get it somewhere else. Why create a negative interaction? We measure the PD every time because, believe or not, facial structures do change and there is always the possibility the last measurement is in error. Cindy Harmon, Sonoma Eyeworks, Santa Rosa, CA

If asked, I provide. If they cannot see the value in my service and purchase eyewear, I have lost them. They are welcome to try an online experience or a big box experience. Most return to us. Dr. Keshav Bhat, Austin Village Eyecare, Matthews, NC

We know that they are going online to get their glasses, so we charge $15 for the measurement. Aaron Supianoski, Kirschner Vision Group, Homewood and Orland Park, IL

Mainly to avoid appearing confrontational, but also to have the opportunity to educate patients on the risks of buying eyewear online. We invite those who purchase online to bring the glasses into us for inspection after receipt, to ensure the glasses were manufactured accurately. E. Reid, James River Optical, Newport News, VA


If asked, we will provide a PD measurement. We have made the decision that we will not give them a hard time if they ask for that measurement. We do educate them on what we can offer them in service and products and that we have many options if price is a concern. We cannot stop them from buying online, but we hope they can see the difference of what we offer versus online.  Toni Herron, Henry Ford OptimEyes, Westland, MI


My skill is earned, and not available for people who buy on the Internet. Daniel Amyx, Hillmoor Optical, Port Saint Lucie, FL

We explain that these are one of the critical measurements for making your eyewear, and online isn’t such a bargain if they can’t complete your purchase without it. If they need it, they should be able to get it from their doctor. (We don’t have a doctor on site.) Recently, we have offered to provide PD for $25. Eric Geiger, Styleyes Optical, Sacramento, CA



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