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ECPs Share their Best-Selling Collections for March

Spring is near and sun sales are picking up.




ECPs Share their Best-Selling Collections for March
ECO’s latest biobased frames are made with 63 percent castor seeds, making them sustainable, lightweight and comfortable. The women’s cat-eye ELA has a bit of a 1950s vibe, with an optional slightly oversized magnetic sun clip. MSRP: Frame only $170, clip-on $60

The new Spring ECO eyewear clips, especially the Ela in the Pink Tortoise that is rocked with a blush polarized clip with silver mirror coating. — Heather Harrington, Elevated Eyecare, Denver, CO

ECPs Share their Best-Selling Collections for March

The Nine West style NW635S (shown in color 400 – Navy Glitter) is a classic, easy-to-wear square shape featuring solid colorways and glitter temples. MSRP: $110.00

The NINE WEST 635 sunglasses from Marchon. Very nice size and shape with a little sparkle! — Gail Bailey, Eye Care Clinic, Grand Rapids, MN

Top-selling vision brands in March

Ray-Ban (7), Kate Spade (6), MODO (6), Oakley (4), Masunaga (3), Bebe (2), Coach (2), Etnia Barcelona (2), FYSH (2), Guess (2), Tiffany (2)


Ray-Ban (13), Maui Jim (8), Costa (7), Oakley (6), INVU (3), Wiley X (3), Bebe (2), ECO Clips (2), Kate Spade (2), Spy (2), Tom Ford (2)

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  • As always RAY-BAN outsells any other brand for men but KATE SPADE is best seller for women, in sun as well, followed closely by TOM FORD. — Monika Marczak, OD, Eye Candy Optical Center, McMurray, PA
  • The MASUNAGA Mies in Black. Go figure, simplicity and quality at its finest. I’ve been surprised at the number of semi-rimless frames that I’ve been selling to men in their late 30s and 40s. This frame takes a backseat so you can focus on the man, but doesn’t skimp on craftsmanship. — Sherry Berry, Ardmore Eye Care, Ardmore, PA
  • ETNIA BARCELONA is my hottest selling line; adult frames perfect for ages 12-99. The colors are amazing! A frame style can be funky or conservative depending on the color. It will go from a conservative tortoise to a wild multi colored pattern. — Colleen Galanti, Pascarella Eye Care & Contact Lenses, Newtown, PA
  • In ophthalmic, MICHAEL KORS, VERSACE, RAY-BAN and OAKLEY. In sun, Ray-Ban and Oakley because they are what we have the most of. — Pablo E. Mercado, LensCrafters, Alpharetta, GA
  • JILL STUART, it’s a new optical line for us. In sun, COSTA, they have good lenses. — Dr. Brendon Johnson, O.D., Pekin, IL
  • BEBE in optical and VERA BRADLEY suns. — Katie Rutledge, Arnold Family Eyecare, Arnold, MO
  • MODO frames are hot right now, with just the right blend of tech and fashion. Our patients love them. — Vlad Cordero, Focus Eye Care, Hackensack, NJ
  • MASUNAGA, MODO, SALT. Patients are looking more for quality, but at a reasonable price point. MAUI JIM and OAKLEY suns, the quality is in the name with great features and coatings. — Gregory Williams, Arboretum Vision Care, Austin, TX
  • GUESS from Marcolin and RAY-BAN suns. — Marc Ullman, OD, Academy Vision, Pine Beach, NJ
  • LA VIDA EYEWEAR is always #1. Second best right now is TED BAKER. They launched TED BAKER ELITE (for woman) that is fancy and is doing very well. Polaroid and INVU suns are tied. Reasonable priced, polarized and very gender neutral styles. — Diana Canto-Sims, La Vida Eyewear, Chicago, IL
  • FYSH, they are so unique. RAY-BAN and DOLCE & GABBANA sunglasses. — Michelle Wright, DePoe Eye Center, Stockbridge, GA
  • We love the new MODO ECO with sun clip and so do our patients. — Amina Ebrahim, OD, D Vision Eyecare, Allen, TX
  • KATE SPADE. Why? Because “they are so cute!” Well at least that’s what all women who try them on say. SPY sunglasses. Why? Because all the guys who try them on say “they are so cute.” — Rigo Lopez, Gilman & Vorster Optometry, Indio, CA
  • We have been selling a lot of VERA BRADLEY frames. — Susan Miller, OD, Bright Eyes Vision, Hartsville, PA
  • Anything from Modern. Their FASHIONTABULOUS 10×247 seems to be flying lately. We only carry one main line of shades, ONE SUN from Alternative Eyewear. — Erin, 3 for 1 Glasses, St. Catharines, ON
  • ST LAURENT new optical styles from the couture collection. GUCCI runway sun collection. — Leisa Lauer, Dr. H Michael Shack, Newport Beach, FL
  • LOGO PARIS, TURAand SILHOUETTE eyewear. VICIOUS VISION and SAFILO suns.— BJ Chambers, Carrera Optical, McQueeney, TX
  • KATE SPADE frames are still hot. OAKLEY suns, because they’re Oakley. — Annette Prevaux, The Visionary, Allen Park, MI
  • FLEXON did well for us last month. They have classic styles that are lightweight and durable that just fit many demographics. — Carissa Dunphy, Lake Stevens Vision Clinic, Lake Stevens, WA
  • ETNIA BARCELONA and MAUI JIM ophthalmics. MAUI JIM’s Baby Beach in Maui Sunrise sunglasses. — Paul Pascarella, OD, Pascarella Eye Care & Contact Lenses PC, Newtown, PA
  • INVU model 118 in all colors, women love this sunglass. — Ron Catterson, Clear View Optix, The Villages, FL
  • DRAGON, RAEN, MODO and NANO glasses. In sun, anything and everything RAEN. — Travis LeFevre, Krystal Vision, Logan, UT
  • OWP has been very hot the last month with the funky styles and colors. MAUI JIM suns … Always … I repeat myself over and over. — Susan Frein, Ames Eye Care, Ankeny, IA
  • LEGREframes followed by MASUNAGA; PRODESIGN suns. — Maureen Garbis, Compass Eyecare, Oak Park, IL
  • RAY-BAN, but it’s ending as people are looking for other options. — Richard Frankel, Atlantic Cape Eyecare, Wildwood, NJ
  • GENESIS frames, BEBE suns. — Christine Howard, Attleboro Vision Care, Attleboro, MA
  • LOUIS LUSA glasses, VUARNET suns. — Nikki Griffin, EyeStyles Optical and Boutique, Oakdale, MN
  • COSTA does consistently well. Our staff is well educated on them, so by being able to explain the features and story, patients buy in to the brand. — Jenna Gilbertson, McCulley Optix Gallery, Fargo, ND
  • The GUESS 2716 024 has sold better than we ever thought. The RAY-BAN Jackie Ohh and Jackie Ohh II continue to be two of our most popular sunglass frames. — Frances Ann Layton, Eye Associates of South GA, Valdosta, GA
  • Our own brand of frames. We promote ourselves more than others. COSTA suns due to customization options for each customer. — Adam Ramsey, OD, Iconic Eye Care, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • COTE D’AZUR and PRODESIGN frames. WILEY X suns, I had just done my spring restock and within a month, I was calling them up again. — Jen Heller, Pend Oreille Vision Care, Sandpoint, ID
  • COACH glasses, SPY suns. — Amy Pelak, Proview Eyecare Optometry, Corona, CA
  • CINZIA and PUMA, with RAY-BAN suns all day long. — Jennifer Leuzzi, Mill Creek Optical, Dansville, NY
  • The OAKLEY Crosslink has been a patient favorite with its multiple colors and interchangeable temples; while the Oakley Holbrook sun has great styling, and is super lightweight with many of Oakley’s HDO lens options including Prizm and Polarized selections. — William Chancellor, Eye Can See Eyewear, McDonough, GA
  • FRANCIS KLEIN, yummy colors and beautiful embellishments! ANNE & VALENTIN suns, great fit, style and color! — Paula Hornbeck, Eye Candy & Eye Candy Kids, Delafield, WI
  • The GARRET LEIGHT Paloma, a classic retro metal. We’re seeing the trend heading this way. You must have grown tired of zyl! The SALT OPTICS DiBergi, metal with plastic insert, octagonal top fades into oval bottom. This beauty jumps off the shelves! — Dave Schultz, OD, Urban Optics, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Optical, TOM FORD, STATE and OGI; sun, MAUI JIM and RAY-BAN. — Zachary Dirks, OD, St. Peter and Belle Plaine Eyecare Centers, Saint Peter, MN
  • IGREEN for its fun colors and TIFFANY for their classic elegance! — Tina Smrkovski, Reed Optical, Claremont, NH
  • RAY-BAN, NIKE, BEBE, and OAKLEY. Patients are familiar with the brand names and the have nice style choices. — Texas L. Smith, Dr. Texas L. Smith & Associates, Citrus Heights, CA
  • ALAN J is an amazing men’s optical line made in the USA line for bigger heads. — Kris Kittell, Torrey Highlands Optometry, San Diego, CA
  • Altair was our biggest seller last month, we carry quite a few of different brands such as ALTAIR, BEBE, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS, REVLON and ANNE KLEIN. These are generally good sellers for us plus we have them on consignment. We see a lot of VSP patients and generally they are drawn to frames that they get a better benefit for although we try to encourage all selections. OAKLEY is the only vendor we sell mostly for sunglasses although our selection is still pretty minimal. — Caitlin Wicka, San Juan Eye Center, Montrose, CO
  • EUROPA optical brands. We sell a lot of prescription COSTA sunglasses. Their website refers a lot of patients to us to purchase with Rx. — Pam Peters, Midwest Eye, Downers Grove, IL
  • COACH glasses and MAUI JIM suns. — Angel Miller, Cynthiana Vision Center, Cynthiana, KY
  • RAY-BAN glasses and COSTA suns. — Tabitha Fuller, Thomas Eye, Palmetto, GA
  • KATE SPADE and XAVIER GARCIA opticals; MAUI JIM and RAY-BAN suns. — Bob McBeath, Edina Eye, Edina, MN
  • BrillenEyes DUTZ is great product and sells well. — Scott Felten, Fox Valley Family Eye Care, Little Chute, WI
  • MINIMA ophthalmics and WILEY X sunwear. — Dave Goodrich, Goodrich Optical, Lansing, MI
  • KATE SPADE and FLEXURE frames and SERENGETI sunswear. — Rick Rickgauer, Vision Associates, Girard, PA
  • TAYLOR MADISON eyeglasses and COSTA suns. — Dorothy Reynolds, Optical Alternatives, Milford, CT
  • THEO and ANNE & VALENTIN frames and TOM FORD and ACE Á FACE suns. — Steve Nelson, Eye Candy Optical, Westlake, OH
  • Men’s OAKLEY ophthalmic frames. Men flock to them like moths to a light! JIMMY CHOO suns, all styles. — Scott Keating, OD, Vision Trends, Dover, OH
  • MODO frames and RAY-BAN suns. — Bhumika Patel, OD, Redstone Family Vision, Indian Land, SC
  • Sigmund by NEUBAU. We love Neubau; style, natural material and color! MAUI JIM suns since it’s spring break in Michigan. — Bethany Cassar, Complete Eye Health, Holland, MI
  • RAY-BAN across the board. — Jeff Hayden, Vision Care Center, Brighton, MI
  • INVU, they are always good sellers because they have great style are durable and easily Rx-able! — Bridgett Fredrickson, Whelan Eye Care, Bemidji, MN
  • RAY-BAN frames and MICHAEL KORS suns; FYSH in both. — Cynthia Sayers, OD, EyeShop Optical Center, Lewis Center, OH
  • CAROLINA HERRERA frames. — Cindy Henderson, Eyear Optical, Hixson, TN
  • ClearVision’s DILLI DALLI Mudslide in Cobalt Blue for kids, L’Amy’s NICOLE MILLER Duffy in Burgundy for ladies, and ClearVision’s IZOD IZ2067in Black for men. — Deanna Phillips, Clemmons Family Eye Care, Clemmons, NC
  • MODO ECO magnetic sun clips, KATE SPADE LaDonna in Rose Gold Glitter and anything GUCCI, can’t keep them on the board. Kate Spade and COSTA suns. — Stephanie Crowley, Sie Eyecare, Charlotte, NC

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