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Email Marketing Best Practices for Eyecare Professionals

The dos and don’ts to maximize this powerful and cost-effective tool.




EMAIL MARKETING IS a powerful tool that can help educate your target audience and engage with your current patients. It can also position you as a thought leader in the industry and is one of the most cost-effective methods for lead generation.

When crafting the perfect email to send to your patients, it’s important to consider the purpose of your email and exactly who it is being sent to. That’s where email marketing best practices come in so that you can start building rapport and loyalty with your patients.

Understanding your audience is the foundation for any marketing campaign. It’s not enough to just know their name — it’s about understanding their needs, behaviors, and preferences.

This increases relevance to the reader and, in turn, increases open rates and boosts engagement. When crafting your email content, ensure that you are being thoughtful of the reader’s potential challenges and pain points. This allows you to provide them with solutions, while also transforming your emails into helpful resources.


You must also consider the timing and frequency of your emails. Knowing when your patients are most likely to engage with your emails is going to help you schedule them appropriately.

Here are some tips that will help save you time and keep you on track for creating an effective email marketing strategy:

  • Don’t buy (or sell) an email list. If someone didn’t give you their email address willingly, you should not send them anything. This is the quickest way to end up in the spam folder and will affect your sending reputation.
  • Do write compelling subject lines and preview texts. Try to avoid asking close-ended questions, as this provides the reader with the opportunity to dismiss the email before they have even opened it. For example, instead of, “Do you need an eye exam?” you may try, “When was your last eye exam? It may be time to book again!”
  • Don’t write long. Keep it short and sweet. Use short paragraphs broken up by imagery to help keep the reader engaged. Seeing a wall of text can deter them from reading and overwhelm them with unnecessary details.
  • Do use strong calls-to-action, but don’t use more than two to three. Opt for using an easily clickable button that’s easy to see instead of a link.

Sending emails consistently to your patient base is important as it keeps the line of communication open. This helps foster a relationship with them through a foundation of trust and expectation. Whether you’re sending emails on a monthly or quarterly basis, the recipient should know when they can expect to hear from you. Continuity of helpful and thoughtful content will keep you top-of-mind, position you as a thought leader, and build brand loyalty.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool. The pivotal factor for maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing relies on your capacity to understand and establish a personal connection with your patients. By prioritizing your audience, your emails will transcend inbox noise and reach the heart of the reader.




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