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Focus on Your Rep Relationship




Focus on Your Rep RelationshipIf you have to choose between having a great relationship with a company or vendor and having a great relationship with your rep, I would choose the rep. You never know where that rep will go. Once you’ve created a great relationship with that rep, they are looking out for your (and their) best interest. Diana Sims, Buena Vista Optical, Chicago, IL


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Introducing CrizalⓇ Rock™

Did you know three out of four people wipe their lenses on their clothes?* Or that one out of three people accidentally drop their glasses at least once a week?* It's no surprise, then, that 93 percent of wearers consider scratch-resistance an important characteristic when choosing lenses.* To prove the durability of new Crizal Rock lenses, we ran tests inspired by real life situations. To learn more about new Crizal Rock, the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made, visit *Study conducted by ⒸIpsos – Risky behaviors of eyeglass wearers - consumer quantitative research 2019 - declarative results - USA - n= 2345 eyeglass wearers

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