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For ECPs, Vaccination Status is Still a Pain Point

A majority of ECPs have been vaccinated, but a not insignificant number hasn’t and has no plans to. And boosters are a whole other can of worms.




THE MAJORITY OF respondents to INVISION’s 2021 Big Survey — 85% — have been vaccinated and believe it is important to stop the spread of COVID-19 and end the pandemic, but it is still a hot button topic.

Many responses fell in the 100% support category… “I am part of the Moderna study.” “Everyone in healthcare should be vaccinated as soon as possible. It’s our responsibility to take care of our patients and our communities.” “I can’t imagine why any healthy individual would not be vaccinated.” “Our entire office had the option during the first wave in March 2021, and we all jumped at the opportunity. Any way we could stop this from spreading and go back to ‘normal’ was ok by us,” and so on.

Though a few of our vaccinated respondents are unsure of the booster shots. “I’m not sure if I will get the booster.” “I won’t get the booster though. We’re not regulating it with our employees, we believe that everyone should make their own decision.”

Some ECPs report that though I had not yet received it when surveyed, that they are planning on it (4%) or were medically unable to get vaccinated. “Vaccination is planned for next month.” “I had COVID-19 in December 2020 and was treated on with Monoclonal AB infusion so my resistance to COVID-19 is more than the vaccine.” “Medically not able to; also following the real science on this vaccine. Seeing an increase in vision issues with those already vaccinated.”


Vaccine requirements — both for and against — also came up. “It is not required for my staff, half of them are not.” “We also require all patients/customers to provide proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test to enter, doors locked.”

Unvaccinated folks who plan on remaining that way — 11 % of respondents — weighed in too. “I had COVID and practice a healthy lifestyle as well as have concerns regarding vaccine reactions.” “In our great state we are allowed to make our own health decisions and there is not enough information to prove to me that it will not cause other, or worse, health issues.”

And a few people — despite the responses being anonymous – were just ticked we even asked. “Private health information not to be disclosed.” “Don’t discuss my healthcare in any shape or form with anyone.” “What business is it of yours? Have you had herpes?”

The 2021 Big Survey was carried out between September and October, attracting almost 400 anonymous responses from owners of vision business across the United States. The full results are published in the November-December issue of INVISION.




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