Bless this mother. She brought her son in for his frame dispense. He was 3 years old and it was his first pair of specs. The mom pulls me aside and hands me a pair of glasses she bought for his favorite stuffed toy. She asked if I can dispense them to the stuffed dog first, and of course I said yes! So, I sat with a stuffed dog on my boutique table, adjusted his glasses and had a conversation with the dog and mom. The shy boy comes over, now excited for his glasses, and puts on his pair. He was so happy that he and the dog matched. He was also overwhelmed with seeing so well. This dispense got me so emotional. It reminded me how much we make a difference in people’s lives. It also got me upset from the parents that tease their children for needing glasses. (I had that the other night.) Bravo to this mother for being so supportive and patient. This gave me so many emotions but, man, did that dispense feel good. — Kitty M., Phoenixville, PA

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 edition of INVISION.

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Optometric Practice in a Small Town

Practicing in a small town gives you the diversity and opportunities to practice full-scope optometry. See how one OD found professional and personal fulfillment in a small town.


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