It was a huge day for eye health awareness.

June 27 was National Sunglasses Day — but if you use Facebook or Twitter, you probably already knew that.

The annual celebration of shades was a huge deal on social media, where people used the hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie.

This year's celebration marked the fourth consecutive year that The Vision Council has promoted the importance of UV-protective eyewear through National Sunglasses Day. 

Here are a few of the cool posts we saw:

Do you agree?


USA Today encouraged its Facebook fans to watch out for UV rays.


The Vision Council had some good advice, too.


Forbes posted a cool video.


Classic cool.


You don't have to be human to celebrate National Sunglasses Day.


Seriously, you don't.


The U.S. Secret Service got in on the action!


Stay cool until the next National Sunglasses Day!



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