Here's how it might play out.

Just about everybody knows the iconic "You talkin' to me?" scene from the 1976 vigilante film Taxi Driver.

But did you ever think about what would happen if the Robert De Niro character, Travis Bickle, had poor eyesight?

As you might recall, the folks at Visian ICL recently highlighted the fact that that big-screen heroes and villains tend to have good vision.

They pondered these questions: "Just what would it be like if movie characters had poor eyesight, and how would this affect the famous scenes we’ve come to know and love?" The company, which offers an implantable lens for vision correction, worked with illustrator Wren McDonald to show how such scenarios might play out.

The last installment depicted a scene from Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope. And now, here's a poor-eyesight version of that famous Taxi Driver mirror scene:Taxi Driver500x774

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