'I don't see why in the hell you would need to know that!'

After working in eyecare for a while, you learn to take most patient questions and comments in stride. Every now and then, however, you hear something that makes you wonder if you should have pursued that dream career as a top chef in Shanghai.

But would the profession be half as enjoyable without the funny stories?

Take a look at these posts from the Facebook and Instagram pages of Overheard Optometry, featuring stories submitted anonymously by eyecare professionals all over the world.


I mean, the patient does have a point.


One can understand why she’d never want to get an eye exam ever again.


As we find a stack of previous autorefraction slips and retinal photos from the past 15 years in the patient’s file.


See versus read. Two very, very different words. Safe to say our patients are perfectionists.


Nobody said it was easy — somebody had to do it. There are friendships being broken at the optometrist’s office.

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Replace the word “retinal detachment” with “astigmatism” and I guarantee you’d get a different reaction.


We can never seem to mind our own business.


When you remove the phoropter away from the patient’s face to uncover the trollface meme.

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So … how sure are you that you’ve been taking care of your own kids, and not someone else’s?

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Losing hope, day by day.


Therapist, optometrist, potato, pohtahto.




What’s worse: no contacts on at a contact lens follow-up, or no glasses from a new patient during an exam?


Our patients just have a way with words.


About that letter of resignation.

ELVIRA DERHOVSEPIAN is an ophthalmic scribe applying for optometry school for fall 2018. She is the creator of the social media platform @overheardoptometry, a community of people who share their unique (and sometimes so very common) stories in eyecare. Derhovsepian recently published the first volume of the Overheard Optometry book, now available at Amazon.com, and enjoys freelance writing and editing in her free time.


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