Scott Keating, ODVision Trends, Dover, OH

Being a solo owner/operator, one of Dr. Scott Keating’s favorite things is that the harder he works, the more he makes. But that truth is a double-sided coin… though he loves knowing that if he wants to take time off he can just do it, “being  a solo practitioner, when I am not in the office, revenues plunge.” In addition to a lack of paid vacations, he says, “Sometimes, I have to wear too many hats.” But when that happens he knows exactly how to unwind…. He reads INVISION! Kidding, sort of. He loves to read travel and fashion optical magazines, learn a few things and get a chuckle from ODs on Facebook, and hit a restaurant or two. After all, the exercise starts tomorrow.

This article originally appeared in the June 2018 edition of INVISION.      


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