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Manager's To-Do

Get Customers to ‘Bounce Back’ in the First Quarter and More Manager’s To Dos for December and January

Also, it was a tough year, don’t forget to plan a breather for you and your staff.




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Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

MARKETING Thanks to COVID-19, this is going to be an extra big year for online shopping. Deliver targeted ads on Facebook by uploading your customer list to Ads Manager as a custom audience. It doesn’t take a big budget to make a big impact.

Dec. 6-12

MEETINGS Start holding short morning “huddles” to keep everyone updated on expected customer flows, special promotions, flex-dollar campaigns, and any ads you’re running during the holiday season sales period.

Dec. 13-19

INVENTORY Watch your reports closely. Start taking small markdowns on slower selling or seasonally sensitive goods.

Dec. 20-26

MARKETING Last week before Christmas — resend your “Holiday Gift Guide” email with helpful last minute shopping ideas.


Dec. 27-Jan 2

PLANNING Get ready for a better 2021. The first step? Renew your subscription to INVISION. (It’s still free, but you have to renew to continue receiving it.)

Jan. 3-9

PLANNING Get off-site for a strategy review with staff. Creative spaces with high ceilings like art galleries and museums are great. Before the meeting, ask staff to think about what worked in 2020, what didn’t, what you should try in 2021.

Jan. 10-16

MANAGEMENT Start a log, be it a notebook you carry or a Google Doc. Jot down thoughts, ideas, track numbers, screenshot reports on what worked well and what didn’t for events, promotions, products, window displays and social media posts, as well as team attitudes and shift adjustments.

Jan. 17-23

OPERATIONS Bring in a lighting consultant for a day. You may be able to replace halogen bulbs with LEDs and make other changes to add sparkle. The savings will soon pay back the consultant’s fee.

Jan. 24-30

MERCHANDISING Put hearts on your frame board next to those that would make ideal Valentine’s gifts on Feb. 14.

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