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Manager's To-Do

Get Ready for the Holidays With Our November To-Dos




Oct 30-Nov 4

OPERATIONS Fine-tune exam schedules. HSA and FSA spending brings in revenue this time of year; you want doctors in for extra hours or squeezing in more patients.

MARKETING Did we mention promoting flex benefits? Call a meeting and get systematic about getting your message out. Reinforce it in calls, social media and correspondence.

OPERATIONS This month the clocks go back; it’s a reminder to back up critical data. Losing it can wipe out a small business. This week you still have time to back up your systems.

Nov 6-11

INVENTORY Investigate vendor spiffs. Suppliers want their lines to succeed; take advantage of their incentives.

TRAINING The holiday sales season is coming; monitor individual performance this month. Teach at every opportunity.


MARKETING Clean up your direct-mail marketing lists. Cut the “least valuable” 10 percent and e-mail them instead. 

Nov 13-18

STOCK Make up a list of last-minute stocking stuffers and impulse buys — sunglass cords, repair kits, cleaning cloths and cute readers are all great options. 

SALES Create employee awards for the holidays – Top Seller, Most Items Sold, Biggest Single Sale – to reward as many salespeople as possible. Ask vendors to provide prizes.

MARKETING Offer free eyewear to people who work with the public if they agree to be styled by you. “We put them in cutting edge shapes and colors that stand out. They give testimonials when people ask where they got the awesome glasses,” says Dr. Scott Keating, owner, Vision Trends, Dover, OH. 

Nov 20-25

STORE Thanksgiving is Nov. 23. Hold a decorating party one night after work, or on a Monday (if you’re closed that day). Play music, order pizzas, have fun! Red and green are the simplest way to say “Christmas,” but if they clash with your store, go an alternate route: blue and white?

ONLINE In the Internet Age, holiday-season shopping begins as consumers start visiting retailers’ sites. Update yours with seasonal elements; feature gift ideas including one special every few days.


MARKETING Four weeks to Christmas. Increase e-mail campaigns to twice a week, scheduling them on Thursdays or Fridays to stimulate purchases on the weekend.

Nov 27-Dec 2

MARKETING Nov. 28 is Cyber Monday. Even if you don’t offer e-commerce, you should still post a big special on your site and alert customers via e-mail and social. 

MARKETING Keep posting your event schedule on your social media outlets – mailed invites can go astray.

DISPLAY Get your hot sellers front and center. Holiday shoppers want “sure things” more than an experience.

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 edition of INVISION.





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Manager's To-Do

Tips for Wrapping Up All Those Little Year-End Tasks and More Manager’s To-Dos for December and January

Including billing, Flex Spending, recalls and sales incentives for all.




Dec. 1-7

OPERATIONS Push to get all pending billing done so you are ready for the busy end-of-year holiday period.

MARKETING We trust flex spending reminders adorn all communications. But take it to a new level with a year-end sale to drive use. It’s a double savings! And a good way for you to get rid of some aging inventory.

Dec. 8-14

OPERATIONS Only two weeks to go until Christmas. If you offer extended hours, be sure to promote that on your website and social media channels.

WEBSITE Add a sign-up to your website for customers to receive news or promotions. Give all employees a personalized address for customer emails. Update the copyright on your site to 2020.

Dec. 15-21

SERVICE Refine your intake procedure for repairs. Are you giving accurate estimates on delivery times and not disappointing customers? Can you offer a “rush” fee? Are you taking digital photos during intake so clients can’t claim that you damaged them?


Dec. 22-28

MANAGEMENT Before you close Christmas Eve thank every team member personally for their effort.

Dec. 29-Jan. 4

MANAGEMENT Need a big goal for 2020? Try reducing the number of insurance plans you accept. Then staff can focus on understanding the remaining policies and codes.

OPERATIONS The next few months are typically the coldest all year. Have a plan if severe weather interrupts business. Could you, for example, offer a 2 percent discount for every inch of snow that falls if customers brave conditions to come in?

Jan. 5-11

MANAGEMENT Start strategic planning by calculating the dollar value of every customer = average purchase in your business per year x 20 years. It should be a heck of a lot of money. Post it for everyone to see in the back room.


MERCHANDISING What can you promote for Valentine’s Day gifts? Highlight these in email bulletins and catchy displays.

Jan. 12-18

OPERATIONS Investigate outsourcing medical billing. Explanation of benefits, actual billing and follow-up is often time consuming and takes time away from providing patient care.

Jan. 19-25

CUSTOMER SERVICE Use your EHR to find patients who have not responded to recall notices and are overdue. Call and ask how they are doing.

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Coming Up with Your 2020 Resolution and More New Year Events

And we’re calling for a return of National Opticians Day, who’s with us?





2 CIDER MONDAY! We like this date: It’s an invitation for shoppers to visit a real store and touch real products and be greeted with a warm cup of cider. First observed by Toadstool Bookshop in New Hampshire, it offers a delightful twist on Cyber Monday, which kicks off the online shopping season today … got a special on your website? You should.

31 2020 implies vision and clarity. It demands something bolder than usual when it comes to New Year hopes, dreams and resolutions. Our suggestion? A pledge to work on your ‘Leadership’ (strategic) skills not just your management (operational) skills. Build yourself a business, not a job.


1 20 years ago, January 1999 was celebrated in the U.S. as National Opticians Month. Sadly, it was a one-off but the struggle goes on. Amid a lack of official recognition, make sure the pivotal role your opticians play is explained on your site and practice materials. Many still need help seeing their value.

16 National Nothing Day was started 45 years ago to provide Americans with one day they didn’t have to celebrate anything. A better use for you: how can you leverage more “nothing days” to drive traffic and smooth out revenue between the big retail seasons.

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Come Up With 20 (New) Questions and More November Events

And we’ve got an idea for a social media post any independent ECP can do.




28 Two hundred and thirty years ago, President George Washington created the first holiday by presidential declaration, ordering America to take a day off to give thanks for its many blessings. To get in the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, send a goodie bag of lens cleaner, lens wipes, and a mini bottle of wine (Seeing Red!) or whatever you can imaginatively come up with, to your best 50 customers. It’s likely they provide an outsize contribution to your success.

19 Peter Drucker was born this day 110 years ago. Among his many contributions to the management field, perhaps his most important was his maxim that if you’re a manager, staying aware of what genuinely deserves your attention is the most crucial thing you can do. Mark his birthday by saying no to something that you feel is vaguely important, but if you’re being brutally honest, you don’t have time for.

24 The quiz show Twenty Questions made its debut on national TV on this day 70 years ago. Mark the occasion with a brainstorming session to come up with 20 surefire questions to get your customers talking, other than “Can I help you?”

30 Small Business Saturday … Print up a T-shirt emblazoned with the Small Business Saturday logo. Take a picture of yourself wearing it. Post on social media.

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