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Go to War for Your Business

So you’re a fighter? Me too.




Go to War for Your Business

RESIST. PERSIST. ME TOO. Time’s up. We’re living in a period of time that will no doubt be taught in future history classes. (Assuming we don’t all die in a nuclear war.)

I prefer to take a more optimistic view of our current times and of the future. A “things always get worse before they get better” sort of mantra. Call it naiveté. Call it a coping mechanism. Call it <gulp> privilege. But I’ve never been one to assume the worst or curl up waiting to die. I am not a pessimist or a fatalist. Ask me some time about my zombie survival plan or the bug out bag stashed near my front door in case I need to beat a hasty retreat.

I am a survivor. A fighter. I have a feeling that if you’re a fan of INVISION, you’re a fighter too. And there’s a huge difference between being a survivor and rolling over and taking it when your values or way of life is threatened.

We are at a turning point in optical retail. Continued consolidation, online eyewear sales, shrinking market share, reduced managed care reimbursements, and consumers with shorter attention spans are all conspiring to make your jobs harder and livelihoods less reliable than they were a generation ago. These are facts.

So, whatcha gonna do about it?

The way I see it independent ECPs have two options: Take it (and perish), or fight! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve decided to fight, so dig deep. Think outside the box. Try something you’ve never tried before. Go to war for your business.


Wars aren’t won with ideals or righteousness but with strategy and knowledge. Consider this — our Revolutionary Ideas issue — a weapon of mass education. It is full of people, companies, technologies, trends and, well, ideas to help you shake up your business, flip off the status quo and plan for coming out the other side a victor.

We know some of the companies and concepts we’ve highlighted are contentious; but love them or hate them, they are changing the landscape of the business. An Art of War quote seems apropos: “Know thy enemy.”

We can make optical great again … not the same, but great. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work?

Vive la révolution,

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Dee Carroll




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