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Editor's Note

Happy New Year!

Finally, 2020 is over…




Dee and dog at the beach This was my holiday card. My happy boy was the best thing to happen to me in 2020 and I counted my blessings.

I AM NOT USUALLY one for buying into the hype of a new year. Resolutions are BS and that whole “New Year, New You” mentality is just a recipe for disappointment … but I am not going to lie, I am oddly excited for a fresh new year. This new year is something to celebrate. It isn’t that I think anything will magically change in the world when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, but I do have a sense of optimism I haven’t experienced headed into a new year in a very long time.

Perhaps, it’s as simple as 2020 was so hard that 2021 can only be better? A vaccine is here, a new president committed to leading the entire country through the end of this crisis is taking office, and it seems like most people are really committed to seeing positive change happen in the country and their own communities. That is worth celebrating, and if we need an arbitrary day or event to celebrate it, then I am here for it.


I’ve always been a believer that things get worse before they get better. It’s my “Rock Bottom” theory of improvement. When you’ve gotten as low as you can, there is only one way to go. (Do me a favor, and for the sake of my note, please don’t point out you can just stay at the bottom. Go with me here, OK?) Up! You can only go up. So, for 2021 let’s all rise. Rise in our conviction to keep each other safe and healthy. Rise in our commitment to see our industry become more diverse, inclusive and welcoming to those who don’t look or think like us. Rise with a renewed sense of purpose, collaboration, and commitment to being and doing the best we can for our communities, colleagues and industry.

No story plugs this time. Just optimism and faith that this year will actually deliver on all the excitement and hope we had headed into the last one.

Best wishes for your business,

Having built a career in service journalism, Dee has been covering the eyecare industry for over a decade. As editor-in-chief of INVISION Magazine, she is passionate about telling independent ECPs stories and can be reached directly at [email protected]




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