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Having the Appropriate Education and Information is Just Polite

Proper etiquette can result in a major boost to your office’s retention rate.




ETIQUETTE CAN BE DEFINED in many ways, but for the purposes of this column, let’s say it’s best described as a set of rules about behavior for people in a particular profession. As opticians or eyecare professionals, proper etiquette means conducting ourselves in a manner that best suits our patients. I have found, when talking to patients, it is best to strike a balance and do my best to be simple … with just a hint of complex at the same time.

Our office has found that doing this and educating patients can result in a major boost in retention rate. For example, we don’t just tell a patient: “I need to take your PD.” The puzzled look on their faces should be enough to let you know they have no idea what you are talking about. Instead, we advise the patient we need to take a Pupillary Distance Measurement (see, this is the complex), then explain that the Pupillary Distance is acquired to ensure proper optical alignment for their eyewear. Or to simplify it even further:

“We do this measurement to line up your new lenses with your eyes.”

Using medical terminology in its proper form is the best way to educate your patients, but I caution, please be sure you know what you are talking about. We all share what we think we know about something … just to have someone else come after us and say it in a different way. This can confuse the patient and create a sense of mistrust. If you don’t know, don’t fake it! Research, find the answer, and it will mean more to you and your patient. Some of my favorite resources are Dr. Tim Root’s “Root Eye Network” YouTube videos for the medical side of optics and Laramy-K Optical’s YouTube channel for my technical optician needs.

Holding staff meetings and developing productive solutions for issues can establish a uniform way to engage patients by coming up with consistent phrasing that creates confidence and trust.

Take time to learn the basics: hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia. We see these diagnoses every day. Doctors don’t always provide clear explanations or provide answers to follow up questions. Having this knowledge ourselves will give our patients more confidence when ordering eyewear. Learn how these conditions affect your patients so you can relate to them and provide the best solutions.


Your knowledge, confidence and drive to serve your patients with the best care possible is the “proper etiquette” all our patients deserve.



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