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A SINGLE SECURE TELEHEALTH platform that’s fully integrated with EHRs and compliance systems would have a positive impact on business, said respondents in a 2021 survey commissioned by Amwell and conducted by HIMSS Analytics. They cited benefits such as streamlined implementation, training, vendor management, and data collection on a single platform. MaximEyes and RevolutionEHR do not offer an integrated EHR and telehealth platform yet but Eyefinity, DrChrono and Kareo do with HIPAA-compliant video chat. can also be used alongside any EHR system. These days most telehealth systems are designed to be compatible with EHR platforms to allow patient information to pass easily between interfaces. Together, telehealth and EHR integration can enhance patient care.

HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

Modernizing Medicine

Modmed Telehealth is a telemedicine video platform for providers and their patients.

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HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

VSP Eyefinity

Eyefinity EHR offers a complete, all-in-one telehealth solution with secure, HIPAA-compliant video chat. It allows you to document and code virtual patient visits on an iPad app.

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HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

Doxy.Me is not an EHR but users can launch web-based EHRs from the platform. It allows for single sign on, just-in-time provisioning, patient identifier and auto check-in, and meeting history extracts. Soon, it will conduct a small proof-of-concept integration with Epic Systems.

HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone


Kareo Telehealth is an integrated, cloud-based EHR system with HIPAA-compliant video that offers an end-to-end clinical solution along with practice management care.

(888) 775-2736,

HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

Dr Chrono

Dr Chrono Telehealth allows you to schedule and conduct virtual visits from your EHR with HIPAA-compliant Video Visits. Its Optometry EHR is a cloud-based system that allows you to take photos from your iPad and attach them directly to a patient’s chart.

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Smart Ways to Use EHR Telehealth Integration

Rasa Tamulavichus, ODBig City Optical, Chicago, IL   

HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

We selected the cloud-based Eyefinity EHR. We have one EHR for all 16 locations and they share the same image management and patient portal system. I can pull up patient charts to see what other doctors have entered and examine all the images. As soon as our technicians run patients through testing, these reports are uploaded to the EHR. I explain the results to my patients on a HIPAA-compliant Zoom call. Videoconferencing has made it easier to integrate telehealth into optometry but what was missing was refraction. The Eye Refract allows us to provide an accurate prescription and eliminates remakes. Most patients come in for an updated prescription for their glasses or contact lenses. I give the patient feedback in real-time, whether I’m onsite or not. If the patient has a complex prescription, then I will schedule a follow-up visit when I’m in the office.

Elise Brisco, OD Total Vision and Hollywood Eyes, Los Angeles, CA

HIPAA-Compliant, OD-Led Eyecare Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone

I use’s HIPAA-compliant televideo to connect with patients in parallel with my EHR. When consulting with a patient, I have open on one browser and my Eyefinity EHR open on another. I can still look at the patient as if I was in the exam room. Afterwards I’ll email them a summary. Pre-pandemic I was using FaceTime but for privacy and convenience I love and so do my patients. It provides me with a waiting room and you can even get paid on the platform. I like to be able to set a time for an actual consultation with my patients where I can look at their eyes. Patients have no problem paying me for my time because I’m reviewing their chart, checking their symptoms, and calling in their prescription.




The Best Overall Progressive Lens, Now Powered by AI

Engineered with Behavioral Artificial Intelligence and utilizing new XR-motion™ technology, Varilux XR series goes beyond prescription and eye physiology to consider the patient’s visual behavior and design a progressive lens that respects how
their eyes naturally move.

Varilux XR series comes in two versions, Varilux® XR design and Varilux® XR track. The Varilux XR track lens provides an additional level of personalization by incorporating the exclusive Near Vision Behavior Measurement, providing up to 25% more near vision width3 according to the patient’s need, so patients get the highest level of customization.

Discover Varilux XR series and enjoy instantly sharp vision in motion4 and seamless transitions from near to far.

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