I like new ideas. For me it’s all about flow. Keep them coming in. So when I read about people doing things — action-oriented as well as creative — I like to steal these and try to implement. I think the best ideas come from those of us in the struggle, outside the hottest markets. A continuing segment dedicated to business growth would be interesting. Steve Whitaker, Whitaker Eye Works, Wayne, PA


I got an email tip of the day and love it! No other magazine does that! Dr. Tanya Gill, Oakland Vision Center, Oakland, CA


Our lab started making the Google Glass Rx lenses at their inception. (Tech Specs, January INVISION). I have not had anyone request the lenses in a long time. It seemed they were really popular when they came out, but after our patients learned the cost, they said they would rather buy a laptop or a tablet. Martha Davenport, Longe Optical, Fort Wayne, IN


I would like to see more interviews with successful people in the eyecare industry. Another great article would be exposing (or clarifying) the articles that have gone viral saying eyecare doctors are ripping patients off overcharging hundreds of dollars for glasses that cost $3 to manufacture. This is misleading to the consumer and is not fair for practices that use quality lenses and frames. Diana Sims, Buena Vista Optical, Chicago, IL

Would love to see an article focusing on an office staff and how they work together to create a first-rate experience for their patients. Kristen Holt, Clinton Family Eye Care, Clinton, NJ

I would love articles on creative ideas for window displays. Do people hire someone to do their windows? What are some fun themes people have done? An article on whether to trademark your name/business identity would be interesting. Dr. Sarah Jerome, Look + See Eye Care, Minneapolis, MN


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