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How Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries and Milestones Builds Culture

It might seem like you’re going above and beyond but birthdays and anniversaries mean something to most of us.




HOW WE CELEBRATE milestones means something. If you’re like me, your birthday is not only celebrated by you but by those around you. We all have that one phone call, text, card, or message we look forward to and until we get it feel like the day isn’t complete.

In our family, we have our amazing Aunt Mary who remembers every birthday, graduation, anniversary, or big family event and takes time to let you know it is special. As long as I can remember, we have all received a card with $2 dollar bills in it that adds up to the age we are celebrating (plus $1 dollar if it’s an odd year). For perspective, she is one of eight kids … that is a lot of milestones to remember.

My 7-year-old now understands the Aunt Mary cards and reminded her recently that he was only 7 and asked why she gave him three extra dollars this year. He then told her she could have just used a $10 bill instead of all the $1 and $2 bills and it would have been easier. It made us laugh and allowed us a moment to share with her how special this has all made us feel throughout the years.

Why am I telling you this? Recently, I had an amazing executive assistant join our team who has reminded me how important milestones are for our team and how, as the leader, it’s important I take a moment to acknowledge them. (Even if they fall on a weekend… Dianne… celebrating her 18th year with West Broward Eyecare.) Yes, it seems like a lot when you are busy running a business to keep track of what seems like a little thing. Remember: it’s the little things that make your team feel valued, that you’re showing up for them like theyr’e showing up for you.

Take a moment to reflect on what you would want if you were an employee and it was your birthday or your one, five or 10-year work anniversary. Ask yourself what would make you feel special and appreciated, and build from there. Will you celebrate all that month’s birthdays and anniversaries together? Will you celebrate each individually? Will a personal card with a gift card be your gift or is an office lunch in order?

My executive assistant has put all these wonderful milestones on my master calendar and creates a monthly poster which hangs in our lunchroom showcasing who and what we are celebrating that month. It is something I’m now taking from my Aunt Mary’s playbook.


We live in a more disconnected world than ever; it is the connections we make, and acknowledging those connections, that we will remember and be remembered for. It might seem like you’re going above and beyond but birthdays and anniversaries mean something to most of us.

On that note, congratulations to INVISION for celebrating 10 years of bringing us this wonderful magazine and for their contribution to this incredible industry! Cheers to the next 10 years!


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