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How Off-Page SEO Can Move You to the Top of the Search Engine Rankings




To move your business to the top of a search return, you can’t do it all on your own. SEO is a multi-factorial formula, and even if you follow every tip from last month ( about On-Page SEO, you’re still only half-way there. Off-Page SEO is just as important. 

Off-Page SEO includes links and references to your business from external sources; websites sending traffic to your site. Getting others to link to you is possible. Here are the easiest ways to boost Off-Page SEO:


Your social media is the easiest way to boost your SEO because you control it. Linking to your website from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all boost the frequency your site enters Google’s algorithm. The better your socials perform, the better boost they give your SEO ranking. Social media does a lot more for you than just getting a few “Likes.” Every time you mention and share your business on your social media, it enters Google’s algorithm just as though any other website was talking about you.


A separate blog on your site offers many benefits to building your SEO. We mentioned in our last column that Google’s algorithms favor new material and subject matter expertise, so blogging frequently is a great way to build a catalog of eyecare related keywords that bring people to your site. Blogging doesn’t just build On-Page SEO though, it works double time for Off-Page SEO rankings. By generating quality content, you increase the chance that other sites, blogs, or forums will share your posts and each link back improves SEO. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for people to share your articles. A quick way to spread links to your site is posting in the comment sections of related blogs and forums yourself. Do a Google search for the subject of your post and see what pops up. In the comment sections of these results write something about their article and about your own, including the link back to it, to piggy-back off their traffic. 

Forums work the same but be careful not to come across as a spammer. Popular blogs and forums often block posts with external links to prevent spam, so write a sentence or two that shows you are contributing to the discussion.

“It’s one small click at a time, but a huge impact to your bottom line.””


One of Google’s favorite Off-Page SEO sources are review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Implementing an in-office strategy to encourage patient reviews immediately after an appointment is a great way to rack them up. High ranks are great but quantity is almost as important. The more people talking about you, the more you’ll move up through Off-Page SEO.


Drive traffic to your website through the power of eyecare provider action. ODs on Facebook often runs “like-a-thons” asking members to like each other’s social media accounts. You can also reach out to other eyecare bloggers or influencers about collaborating on a promotion or post. A re-share from a prominent website, blog, or Instagrammer could boost traffic to your page exponentially. Just tell the ECP involved you love what they do, and ask if they’d like to work together on a post or blog article. 

Collaborations outside the industry work too. Contact local small businesses about partnering on a social media campaign. For example: Your office is beside a coffee shop. Post a picture of a pair of your glasses with a cup of their coffee and tag them in it. Ask them to share it (in person or via Direct Message). When they do, everyone that follows them now knows about your office (with a nod from the coffee shop they love). Those interested will click on your site. Every little click builds your online presence, and increases the chance you’ll be the first name to pop up in a local ECP search. It’s one small click at a time, but a huge impact to your bottom line.

Founded by two millennial ODs and social media entrepreneurs, Defocus Media ( manages social media networks for independent optical practices. Dr. Darryl Glover is founder of Eye See Euphoria ( and Dr. Jennifer Lyerly is founder of Eyedolatry ( For more information contact



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