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How to Get New Business Using Facebook Groups

Done correctly, it could be the newest tool in your marketing arsenal.




SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS are a must for any enterprising business owner, and above them all, Facebook is king. But many have yet to unlock the full marketing potential of this social media powerhouse. So, if you’ve just created a Facebook page or think you’ve done all you can to promote your business online, guess again. Let me introduce you to Facebook Groups, the newest tool in your marketing arsenal.

What Are Facebook Groups?

If your Facebook page is the public-facing platform of your business, then a Facebook group is where you interact with others who share similar interests. Think of it as an online forum, but far more organized. Pages are great for ensuring your business is represented on Facebook, but the conversation on a Facebook page is generally one-sided; this is the place to promote events and sales. Groups, by their very nature, are much more collaborative; it creates a sense of community people love.

Know Your Group Types

If you’re starting your own Facebook group or joining a community or city group, you need to first understand the different types: “public,” “private and visible,” or “private and hidden.” These vary in terms of how easy they are to find when you search Facebook. For your purposes, you should either be focusing on “public” or “private and visible” groups.

Public groups are the easiest to find and are open to posts from anyone. Private and visible groups add a layer of exclusivity; only administrators can accept new members. These are great for connecting with people directly. Start by searching the name of your city, town or county to see what comes up.

Engaging Content

These groups are not the place to start immediately selling your wares. In fact it’s the opposite. Members in these groups want to ask questions and have conversations. This might sound counterintuitive, especially if you’re selling specific products or services like eyewear or exams, but people know when they’re being sold. Direct selling doesn’t generate the discussion you need to reach a new audience organically. So instead of selling, just talk. Let’s say you join a mom’s group in your area, there will be an opportunity at some point to respond to someone’s request for eyecare advice for kids.

Be Strategic with Posts

Great content doesn’t happen every day … but knowing when to post can mean the difference between being informative and being spam. Ensure you’re posting in groups only when you have something meaningful to say or have a question for members that’ll get feedback.


Get Creative

Facebook is awash with innovative tools like live streaming, polls, quizzes, or even contests, that allow you to ask questions in unique ways. When people outside of the group catch wind of all the fantastic benefits the members are getting, they’ll want to join too.



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