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I Take the Optical Profession Seriously — and I Wish Everyone Else Would, Too




We are not “financial advisers.”

I graduated college a couple of months ago and it was awesome! I’m on my way next month in quest of my MBA. I am ecstatic about my next challenge. Anyway, my little brother is the other guy in the picture with me.

INVISION DavidButlerAndBrotherDavid Butler, right, and his brother.


Yeah, I know. OK, I said the same thing: “What are those?!?!”


I mean, his glasses are a reflective mess. I was all over his a## about his glasses! How did you not get anti-reflective coating on your glasses? Who was the optician — or, the other title I’ve heard, “frame stylist” — who assisted you?

I was so upset. I work in optical, and he should have contacted me and gotten some real optical education about lens materials, different attributes of frames, the important benefits of anti-reflective coating, and other important add-ons for visual excellence.

His excuse was, “Brother, you have a lot going on and I didn’t want to brother you.” Plus, he (the “order taker” — NOT optician) was just getting my brother what the “insurance” covered so he (my brother) would not have to pay anything out of pocket!

WTF — I mean, “What’s the focus” here? So we have a financial consultant disguising himself as an optician? I’m appalled. In fact, I get chill bumps with a slight headache thinking about it. An imposter has infiltrated our optical profession — this is serious. How many of them are out there among us real opticians?

It is important that we as opticians take our profession seriously and view it with pride. We are the professionals whom people trust to help them not only see better but look better, too. We improve lives. We create happiness with our optical expertise, our fashion sense, our awesome personalities, our integrity and our positive energy.

Never try to be anything or anyone else than a real, professional optician. We are NOT financial advisers, nor are we “order takers”! Learn your profession. Be positive and passionate about it. As an optician, continue to learn and grow our craft in order to be confident in directing, educating and advising our clients.


Create genuine happiness! There is truly no other profession quite like ours, with a blend of medical, retail, fashion, excitement and social networking. Not to mention the wonderful, beautiful and intriguing people we serve daily. I love, live and breathe this field as a professional, rockstar optician!

Always remember that great service brings great sales.

Happy selling!

DAVID BUTLER is an optician with over 12 years of experience in the industry. He has served as a lab technician and optical manager. He has education in computer information systems and business management. He excels in working side-by-side with patients and managing priorities.

A version of this article originally appeared at DailyOptician. DailyOptician features unique perspectives from passionate opticians and inspiring brands.

This article is an online extra for INVISION Online.




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