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In the Not-Too-Distant Future, 3D-Printed Smart Glasses Will Count Your Calories





Frames include sensors that detect what type of food you’re chewing.

Professor Olive Amft of the University of Passau is developing 3D-printed smart eyeglasses that will be able to detect what kind of food you’re eating and count your calories, writes. The eyewear, the article says, utilizes electromyography, which measures the electrical activity generated by muscles. As writer Clare Scott explains:

“Dr. Amft developed a series of tiny sensors and embedded them in a 3D printed glasses frame – more specifically, in the arms of the frame, which touch the sides of the wearer’s face. The sensors pick up the electrical activity generated by the muscles of the jaw while the wearer is chewing, and thus can detect how hard those muscles are working – telling the sensors what type of food you’re masticating.”




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