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Increase Your Market Intelligence and More Manager’s To Dos for February

Like a reminder about the all-important follow-up and scoping out your competition.




Increase Your Market Intelligence and More Manager’s To Dos for February

Jan. 30-Feb. 5

MANAGEMENT Step outside your store to better position your sales inside. Start visiting local competitors throughout the year — or delegate a member of your team — to compare their customer service, sales, price points, etc. Look at the cars, stores and nearby homes in your shopping area. Is your store positioned to attract these passersby with your price points, displays and merchandise? Sometimes, there’s a mismatch between how retailers position their store and the customers in their area.

NETWORKING Build your business’s local presence. Join a country club or historical society. (You’ll reach seniors.) Or sponsor a local Little League team. (You’ll reach families.) Now’s the time.

Feb. 6-12

LABS Get in touch with your lab and ask what you could do to improve your ordering. We’re guessing they’ll say do a better job of including full frame names as well as bridge and eye size measurements to ensure they can deliver the thinnest and lightest lenses in the shortest amount of time. But they could surprise you with something you aren’t doing. You won’t know until you ask.


SALES Review your “sales scripts.” Don’t have them? Get writing!

STRATEGY Up your market intelligence: Ask every new patient: “Why did you leave your last doctor?” At the same time, follow up on defections. A polite inquiry for patients who have decided to go elsewhere will help ensure they’re rare events.

Feb. 13-19

STAFF Share the love on Valentine’s Day. Buy chocolates for staff with card: “Love your work!”

CUSTOMER SERVICE A major complaint customers have about small businesses is a lack of follow-up. Follow up exams with a phone call.

Feb. 20-26

MARKETING Take me out to the parking lot! Baseball season is on the way and it’s a great chance to mingle among solid prospects by dispensing sunglasses to tailgaters. Obviously, it helps to have a Major League venue nearby.

SALES Energize staff with a Saturday sales contest: Pay commissions on the spot.

INVENTORY Prepare for Mother’s Day and graduation season by researching hot sellers.


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