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Innovation Evolution

Innovation Evolution

Varilux® X SeriesTM Lenses: At Work for Multiple Distances

With the proliferation of new technology has come a shift toward a connected world and habitual multitasking — changes that have evolved the needs of progressive lens wearers. Today’s on-the-go presbyope requires a lens that allows for sharp vision at all distances including within arm’s reach. Enter XtendTM Technology. Enabling wearers to see multiple near distances from a single point in the lens, Xtend Technology distinguishes Varilux® X SeriesTM from its predecessor, Varilux® S SeriesTM. Building on the success of the previous series, the Varilux X Series delivers sharper, crisper vision, with more depth and breadth.

In a Category of Its Own

Whether you’re sitting and reading a book or using multiple devices at once, the Varilux X Series can handle your needs. It’s engineered to optimize visual performance for tasks within arm’s reach and employs Xtend Technology to ensure simultaneous vision of multiple near distances. The lens also offers W.A.V.E. Technology 2®, providing sharp vision at all distances, even in low light.



Visual Acuity for Multiple Near Distances

From sending a quick text to reviewing a document on a tablet, the concurrent use of multiple digital devices has become a non-negotiable element of work and life for many people. As we dive into the digital age, wearers must be able to multitask with ease and within multiple near distances, which Essilor R&D recognizes as distances between roughly 16 and 28 inches. Varilux X Series lenses are designed to provide wearers with sharp vision at these arm’s-length distances while also remaining ideal for activities including reading a book or shifting vision between distances while driving.

Unrivaled Optical Performance

Xtend Technology improves the Varilux X Series lens performance markedly when the wearer is looking at a particular object. This performance is evaluated through a calculation within which the amount of simultaneous vision a wearer needs is assessed in relation to the acuity threshold to be able to perform a visual task with a sufficient level of acuity.

A Look at the Studies

After five years in development, 19 studies among thousands of wearers led to 15 new patents pending.

International wearer studies revealed that 95% of wearers were satisfied with the lens when multitasking within arm’s reach. Wearers also found that they did not need to move their head horizontally (97%) or vertically (93%) to see clearly with the Varilux X Series lens. 

In the United States, studies show that wearers preferred Varilux X Series lenses 3 to 1 over Varilux S Series lenses for reducing head movement required to find ‘‘just the right spot.’’ U.S.-wearer studies also revealed that more than 70% of wearers preferred Varilux X Series lenses over Varilux S Series lenses.

Performance Comparison

The two sets of images shown here demonstrate the differences in performance between the Varilux S Series and the Varilux X Series.

Figures 1A and 1B: For a wearer with a -3.00 sph lens with a +2.00 ADD, the Varilux S Series lenses (left) are compared to the Varilux X Series lenses (right).

Innovation Evolution

Innovation Evolution Near vision up to 20 inches, with an addition above 85%
Intermediate vision
Innovation Evolution An addition from 60 to 85% (Varilux X Series only)


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Innovation Evolution