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The times following crises tend to reveal great change in society, technology and business. So, following a two-and-a-half-year period that has included a pandemic, political upheaval and one heck of a roller-coaster economic ride, the near future appears set to be a dramatic one full of ups and downs for the country and owners of small businesses … like independent ECPs. In the 2022 Big Survey, we asked owner and manager eyecare providers how they were coping with the current economic turmoil and what they were doing to get ready to meet the challenges.

INVISION Big Survey 2022

The New Normal: 60% of you have started shaking hands again and 57% have stopped wearing masks.
Blue Light is booming! 56% of you reported that as a category, the share it’s contributed to total business has grown.
If you traveled back in time 25 years, how would you know you were in a 1997 optical? We’ve got your answers.
Curious about the most epic ways employees have been fired or quit? You guys shared some doozies.
Yay! 60% of you feel you are fairly compensated for the work you do! While a magnanimous 14% don’t do it for the money.
Uh oh! More than half of you (52%) are not posting frequently enough on Facebook or Instagram to get the full benefit of the platforms.
Represent! Only eight states didn’t respond while California led the way in responses and the Northeast was the best-represented region overall. Even Canada weighed in!