Sales guru Robert Bell says too many eye pros are "asleep at the wheel".

Welcome! Come listen to the first episode of a new INVISION Live! podcast series, "INVISION with Dee Carroll".

We’re kicking off this debut podcast with an interview of one of our INVISION OGs! Robert Bell, The EyeCoach, has been a contributing columnist with INVISION since day one and his special brand of sales and marketing advice is as distinct as it is effective. 

In the episode, Dee starts out asking Robert who he is and why listeners should care. His response? They shouldn’t! Not unless they want to improve their business. 

During the interview, the two discuss his “inside out thinking” and how he likens himself to a bucket of ice water, a wakeup call, “because sometimes I find eyecare professionals asleep at the wheel.” They also discuss how his goal is to teach opticians how to better communicate with their customers and patients — instead of talking at them — how sales all starts in the chair and the biggest mistake of them all. Hint: It has to do with timing. 

Robert’s love of the industry and his genuine desire to see independents succeed vibrates in every one of his answers. By the end of the interview, it’s clear he IS crazy… crazy for the optical business. 

Lastly, don’t miss the closing segment where readers like you get to ask a business question they’d like answered. In this episode, Lisa Trippi of Eyesight Solutions, Dr. Yura Kim, in Mt. View, CA, asks about phone etiquette when you’re a busy small staff. To voicemail or place on hold? We kicked her question to INVISION expert, Pauline Blachford of Pauline Blachford Consulting, to give Lisa an answer. Tune in. 

And if you have a question for INVISION, or just a comment you’d like to share, visit to leave us a message and you too could hear it shared in a future episode.


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