I have seen INVISION quote Roy Williams (“The Wizard of Ads”) in two issues. This excites me very much. I have been instructed by Roy in multiple areas of marketing, and have known him for 10-plus years. His non-traditional business school, “Wizard Academy,” is the most unique business/marketing experience one can find. If you have a chance go to his Magical Worlds of Communication workshop, it will blow you away! INVISION is doing a great service exposing the optical community to his creative way of thinking. Dr. G.R. McGuirt, 20/20 Vision Clinic, Lake Charles, LA

ED: Thanks! Yes, we featured Williams’ wisdom on the cover of two recent Intelligence sections (May, page 47; February, page 43; you can access all our past issues at invmag.us/archives). Glad to find another fan of his work!


My daughter is thinking of going to optometry school and I showed her the article in the March INVISION on the reasons why eyecare is so awesome. She thought that was great and now is even more psyched about optometry. I loved it because it gave reasons that I had not thought about but totally agreed with. Eyecare is a great profession and even with all the changes taking place, it still is an awesome job. Dr. Kim Riggs, Ligonier, PA


My time is limited to read these magazines. I don’t want long, cumbersome articles to wade through. I want short articles that get to the point. Other examples would be charts and graphs that allow me to absorb information quickly. Dr. David Butchert, Cerritos, CA


A comment to the frame industry: When are you going to “get it”? America is browning and doing so very rapidly. Yet your POP is not keeping pace with our country’s changing demographics. News flash: Like attracts like. People are drawn to photos that look like them. Dr. Robert Smith, Smith Optometry St. Louis, MO


I just discovered your magazine, and I read it voraciously online. Keep up the good work. I love meeting and reading about fellow optical nerds! Brandy Patrick, DePoe Eye Center, Macon, GA

ED: Thank you all. Brandy, if you’d like a free print subscription, too, you can sign up at invisionmag.com/subscribe.

This article originally appeared in the June 2015 edition of INVISION.


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