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Keep a Failure Resume and More Tips for December

Like waiting on that first cup of morning coffee and building a little gratitude into a simple act we’re all doing more of anyway.





MANAGEMENTRage Against the Fall

As the last embers of autumn flicker and fade with the run-in to winter, make a genuine effort to get out for a stroll on those rare warm days. “Getting outside for at least 30 minutes a day when the weather is warm and sunny can improve mood, memory and promote creative thinking,” Metropolitan Home reports, citing research done at the University of Michigan.


Flagellating yourself with a list of your biggest failures and screw-ups sounds like a recipe for negativity and the reopening of wounds. But, according to Melanie Stefan, a lecturer at Edinburgh Medical School, it’s actually, a good way to come to grips with the false narratives many of us carry in our heads about success — that it is something that appears fully formed and all at once. In actuality, accomplishment is the end result of a lot of failures. In addition to helping us understand what we have learned from our misses, keeping a “Failure Resume” — a personal record of all the things that didn’t turn out the way you hoped — is a surprising source of inspiration to overcome adversity and persevere, she told The New York Times.


We’d guess that people washing their hands more often will be one of the lasting legacies of the coronavirus pandemic. Here, according to, is how to use that change in routine to tap into some gratitude, which has proven mental health benefits. Every time you wash your hands – for a full 20 seconds, of course – think of a few things you’re grateful for: family, health, a viable business, doing work you believe in … And with that, your time should be up, your hands should be clean and you should be in a better mental place.


SELF CAREPrepare For Less Sleep

The holiday season can mean long days with little sleep. In the website Home’s How To Pull An All-Nighter: Tips From The Special Forces, a former Navy Seal advised readers to avoid skipping sleep whenever you can; it’s self-defeating in terms of productivity. But if you have no choice, the SEAL guidelines include banking sleep ahead of time.

PLANNINGHistory Says You Are Wrong

“History teaches us that in so many years from now some of the assumptions you believed will turn out to be wrong,” notes Kevin Kelly, author of New Rules For The New Economy. As you plan for 2022, give some thought to the way you do things with this in mind. There is surely something you do now that one day will appear, if not a wasted investment of resources, then a misdirected one.


If you’re like most Americans, you couldn’t imagine getting through a workday without coffee. And if you’re also like most Americans, you’re doing coffee wrong, says Dan Pink in his latest book When: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing. Don’t reach for the brown elixir when you first wake up. “Wait 60 to 90 minutes, which is when your cortisol levels start to decline,” he says. Then take your first hit and you’ll get that essential boost of caffeine to get you through the morning.



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