I am chronically single (I know, hard to believe, right?) Thank God, I have a fabulous job. But for a long time, I hated the month of February and its saccharine emphasis on romantic love.


In terms of Hallmark holidays, Valentine’s Day is probably the worst; but I am not inherently opposed to setting aside a day to acknowledge and honor love. And I realized, I was selling myself and my loved ones short because I do have a lot of love in my life. I have fantastic friends, and a loving and supportive family, and a job I am really quite proud of. So, I decided to start focusing on those things and I am encouraging you to do so as well.

In fact, this issue is full of love... love for independent eyewear makers, love for finding ways to have a little fun on the job, and love for capturing that eyewear revenue unicorn—the multiple pair sale. Though we may come from all over the country and our business models and presentations run the gamut, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of INVISION then we all share a common love for this industry.

We live in what seem to be increasingly unsure times, where our differences are being emphasized and demonized, instead of celebrated. It would be easy to fall down a rabbit hole of negativity thinking of all the ways we may be dissatisfied with our lives instead of focusing on all the things we have accomplished. So, this month, the one traditionally devoted to love, I urge you to find and remember all the things about your life and your job that you love.

And if you are really struggling to find those things, take a long hard look at what changes need to be made. Because the world doesn’t need more unhappy people ... and no one wants one poking around their eyes!

Best wishes for your business,

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Dee Carroll

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This article originally appeared in the February 2017 edition of INVISION.


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