As the Editor-in-Chief of INVISION, I literally read every word in the magazine (and then some!) While reading the content for this month’s issue, one word, or rather hyphenate, kept coming up over and over — like-minded. 


It strikes me that it’s a good word to describe the readers of INVISION. Like-minded. It isn’t that your businesses are similar, or that your patients or even the products you carry are the same, but you are all passionately dedicated to providing the best eyecare experience and products to your patients, clients and customers. Like-minded.

Victor Alvarez and Charlotte

INVISION's newest team members: Victor Paul Alvarez and his daughter Charlotte.

I thought it would be fun to make a little drinking game out of reading this month’s issue. Take a sip every time you read the word like-minded. I would bet by the back cover you’ll be feeling pretty tipsy. What better way to underscore that we are more alike — with the same concerns and issues facing our businesses — than we are different than with a little buzz? 

Speaking of like-minded (drink!) people, I could not be happier to introduce the newest member of the INVISION team! Help me give a warm welcome to Victor Paul Alvarez (shown here with his daughter Charlotte). You may have already seen his name pop up in our pages. Victor has a strong newspaper pedigree and just the kind of writing style that makes INVISION the most fun read in the industry. 

Victor and I will be at Vision Expo East, so if you see either of us in the aisles, be sure to say hello! If you want to know where to find us, turn to our Vision Expo East preview to see what we’ll be checking out at the show. Of course, you can also catch us at our INVISION Pop-Up Talk. You can find more details on that at the end of our Special Feature on page 60

Until then! 

Best wishes for your business,

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Dee Carroll

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This article originally appeared in the March 2017 edition of INVISION.


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