“And Nordstrom refunded the cost of a set of tires …” Yawn. OK, so you know the story (for those unfamiliar with this one: invmag.us/051702). What’s important here is not whether it’s a fresh tale or that it’s even true (Nordstrom insists it is). What matters is that it’s now part of American retail folklore, a tireless generator of goodwill capital. This year, create your own legend with one outlandish, cost-be-damned act of customer service — trudge through the snow on Christmas Day to hand-deliver eyewear to a lonely widower at the local assisted living center, design a custom-made pair of goggles for a patient’s dog that has had cataract surgery for free, offer to take back a pair of ill-fitting sunglasses purchased eight months ago. It doesn’t have to become standard operating procedure. Be sure the press finds out — secondhand, of course.



Hear What the Industry Thinks About the Ultimate Lens Package by Essilor

Eye care professionals, patients, and Essilor sales consultants shared their feedback on the Ultimate Lens Package. Watch to see why they believe the innovation behind the lens can make the difference for your practice and for your patients. For more information on the Ultimate Lens Package, contact an Essilor Sales Consultant or click here.


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